The Latest Trend in Flooring

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home the choice is usually limited to carpet, wooden floors or tiling but there is a new trend that has emerged for spring 2013 and that is for glass flooring. Yes that’s right; glass is all the rage at the moment with new build houses featuring full walls of glass thanks to sliding, folding and concertina style doors. The trend is aimed at blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living and the introduction of glass flooring takes the theme one step further. In this article we look at the main reasons why glass flooring is being used and how you can incorporate it into your home.

The Grand Canyon Sky Walk

Grand Canyon Sky Walk

Why Glass Flooring?

Glass flooring is actually not a new development and has been around in the form of commercial applications for years. Many tall buildings such as Blackpool Tower and the Sky Tower in Auckland feature glass platforms which allow tourists to view the world unfolding beneath them. At the Grand Canyon there is a whole glass walkway designed to take tourists over the edge to grasp the sheer scale of the canyon itself. However what is new when it comes to glass flooring is its household application.

There are a number of reasons why glass flooring is currently a favourite within the home market. The first is to make best use of light in unconventional living spaces. With space being at a premium in most UK cities at the moment, glass flooring is being used to provide natural light to rooms which would otherwise be dimly lit my artificial bulbs. Glass flooring can be used to bring light to basement and cellar conversions as well as homes where neighbouring properties impose on conventional natural lighting methods.

Another reason for the adoption of glass flooring is that it can help to save money on your energy bills. With the cost of electricity and gas increasing year on year and the wages not increasing at the same rate, a lot of people are looking for ways of saving money and one long term way of doing this is to install glass flooring, providing more natural light for the home and thus using less energy.

Style is another reason why glass flooring is now being used in domestic homes. Glass is seen as clear, crisp and sleek, making it ideal for achieving a modern yet elegant look. It is also much easier to keep clean than carpeting or floor boards so can also save you cleaning time.

Applications in the Home

Glass flooring can be used virtually anywhere in the home but there are a few common themes when it comes to its domestic application. In a lot of cases, glass flooring is being used in stairwells which are typically known as dimly lit areas. The glass flooring helps take light from upstairs into the downstairs space.

Taking light from the courtyard into the room below

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Glass flooring (also known as Floor Glaze) is also being used to create internal windows within the home, something very in-trend in designer home magazines. For those fortunate enough to own a swimming pool or games room, a ‘window’ in the floor of your living room displaying the pool table or swimming pool below is very fashionable. It is also commonly used in mezzanines and balconies too.

If you’re thinking about getting a glass floor installed in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that it will safely hold up to 2.5KN/m2 – more than you and your friends combined!

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