The Multiple Benefits Of Conservatories

Why So Many Homeowners Invest In Orangeries And Conservatories

Conservatories have added value to homes all around the world, whilst contributing to people’s quality of life. But there are various factors to consider when you’re pondering over buying a conservatory, so it is important to think carefully about your proposed investment.


Putting your money into a new conservatory can be a cost-effective alternative to moving home, especially if you like where you are but just need that extra bit of space. The costs associated with moving homes can also be astronomical (not to mention the upheaval), whereas the fees that you might lay out for an extension to your home are relatively modest in comparison. If the key reasoning behind a potential move is a lack of space, a conservatory in the UK could be a fantastic alternative that breathes new life into your home.

A rewarding investment

If you do decide to sell your home in future, you can expect the addition of a conservatory to add a chunk of extra value to it. A well-built, comfortable and attractive conservatory can be the key factor that gives your property that wow factor and wins a potential buyer over.

Nonetheless, the principle advantage of investing in one is the extra comfort and enjoyment that it brings. The summer months are when conservatories truly come into their own, thanks to the way that they let sunlight flood into the home. But they have their own charm in the colder months too, and enable you to enjoy the visual aspects of the sun all year round, even when the temperatures outside have dropped. Sunlight also has a famous positive impact on the moods of us as a species.

The best conservatories remain cool even when the weather is at its hottest, allowing you to again feel the benefits of the sunshine without experiencing discomfort. The double glazing that usually plays a role in conservatories in the UK is very good at storing heat sourced from the inside, allowing you to cut your energy bills without compromising on comfort.

Great for solitude and socialising

Conservatories are designed for relaxation, and if you are craving a tranquil space in your home where you can unwind at the end of the day, then a conservatory can provide the perfect solution. If the rest of your home is perhaps littered with toys, electronic devices and clutter, a conservatory can be the perfect place to escape to.

Even the act of making an improvement to your home can be psychologically beneficial in itself, especially if you’ve had an influence its design.

A setting for many occasions

You’ll also be able to enjoy a fantastic view of your garden with a conservatory. If your garden is large, then the addition of a conservatory makes perfect sense, allowing you to fully utilise your space. Once your new addition is in place, you’ll no doubt be eager to show it off to your friends and family members, making it the social focus of your home and leaving the rest of the house private.

Of course, conservatories are primarily used as tranquil spaces, making them an ideal backdrop for some solitude and that all-important ‘me time’ we all crave, perhaps with a book and a glass of wine.

A conservatory is a great addition to any house, and by working with a bespoke conservatory company such as Beckenridge Conservatories, you can create a unique space that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Many homeowners have found the addition of orangeries and conservatories to be so beneficial, they’ve come to wonder why they didn’t make the move earlier!

Arthur Bradfield is a freelance writer specialising in blogging about home improvements and he regularly uses for research. He’s rather fond of his own conservatory, and spends much of his writing time in there, enjoying the view.

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