The Old Home: 4 Reasons it is Time to Update Your Windows

Having an old home can sometimes mean that it isn’t the most energy efficient. Older homes tended to lack the level of insulation that is standard for newer homes. Single pane windows were also more common in the older home. Here are some reasons that it’s time to upgrade your windows.

Upgraded Windows - The Old Home: 4 Reasons it is Time to Update Your Windows

To Eliminate Drafts

Single pane windows are notorious for being cold and drafty. This can make your whole home feel chilly during the winter months. There is only so much that you can do to cut down on the amount of cold air that creeps into your home. You have the option of putting window plastic up every year if you aren’t ready to upgrade your windows just yet. This is a temporary solution to your problem.

Water Intrusion and Rot

Rotten window sills both inside and outside are more common with older windows. It may be time to look into replacement windows if you notice this issue. There could be water leaking around the windows and causing damage to the rest of your home. This can be a costly repair bill if you don’t address the issue right away. Another reason for this could be that condensation is building up on the windows themselves do to the temperature difference.

Inability to Keep Clean

Older windows tend to lack some of the easy cleaning features of the newer models. You may find yourself hauling out the ladder just so that you can see out of your windows every few months. It may be time to consider purchasing new windows. These newer varieties allow you to clean the whole window from the inside of your home. This is a much safer alternative for keeping your windows spotless year round.

Style Concerns

You can change the style of your home by upgrading your windows. This can be an expensive proposition just to get a different look to your home. Pairing this concern with some of the issues that accompany older windows may be the push that you need to get new ones. There is also the return on your investment to consider when deciding to make this purchase for your home.

It may be time for replacement windows. Newer windows offer better security than their older counterparts. This can protect your home and your family from an intruder. The cost benefit of new windows is that they can save on your heating bills while adding value to your home.

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