The Top Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2014

Although we may only be in January, many of us are left longing for the warmer months ahead. The New Year also marks a new set of trends in the outdoor furniture industry.

Although we may only be in January, many of us are left longing for the warmer months ahead. The New Year also marks a new set of trends in the outdoor furniture industry. In this article we will share some of the top trends, so you can start planning your purchases for the summer months!

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Colour trends

This year it is all about sea blues and natural greens. Many homeowners will be looking to enhance the natural surroundings of their gardens by creating a peaceful and relaxing sitting area that incorporates these two key colours. Both colours have connotations of tranquillity, making them ideal for using in your garden oasis.

The other colour trend encourages you to go to the opposite end of the spectrum by mixing bright colours with neutrals. The brighter the better! A great way to blend bright colours with neutral shades is to select bold cushions and tableware to use with your natural rattan furniture sets.

Outdoor dining sets

In the past people tended to purchase coffee table sets and loungers for their gardens, but this year there will be a growing trend in outdoor dining sets. This is believed to be due to the fact that people are entertaining more outdoors and require larger table sets to accommodate their guests. Rattan dining sets will be particularly fashionable and the number one choice of many homeowners. The great thing about rattan dining sets is that they are affordable, yet stylish and functional. They are also extremely durable and with the right care, can be used all year round.

Fire pit focal points

Excuse the pun, but in summer 2014 fire pits will be hot on trend! Fire pits are great for using as a focal point on your patio. They will keep you warm when you want to sit out in the evenings and are ideal for bringing everyone together for a family chat. Fire pits are also incredibly stylish and perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your patio area. Look out for coffee tables with built-in fire pits as these will be very desirable this summer.

Luxury furniture

Whereas in the past people tended to splash out on indoor furniture and opt for budget-friendly outdoor furniture, this year will be different. Yes, the luxury outdoor furniture market is growing significantly, with more and more people investing in high quality outdoor dining sets, loungers and coffee tables. If you desire high quality outdoor furniture, but are unable to afford high end prices, we recommend investing in synthetic rattan furniture. This type of furniture is extremely affordable, yet offers the same luxury styling as other more expensive types of patio furniture.

Mix and match furniture

In previous years we have been encouraged to keep all of our outdoor dining sets matching, but this summer mix and match furniture will be all the rage. Try pairing metal chairs with woven rattan tables or visa-versa to create a stylish, contemporary look. It is easy to tie the two furniture types together by having matching cushions and tableware to promote consistency.


We don’t know about you, but talking about this year’s outdoor furniture trends has got us all excited for the summer! Now is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor furniture purchases as you often find that many retailers have items on sale at this time of year. Keep these top trends for 2014 in mind when choosing your outdoor furniture and you will have no trouble creating a stylish and practical garden seating area to use in the summer.

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