Thera-Pee: 4 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Miniature Spa

You may have visited a commercial spa and desired some of that comfort while you are at home. You may be wanting to improve your home to add value to it. You also might just want to pamper yourself a little once in a while. Whatever your reason, here are four ways you can transform your bathroom into a miniature spa.

Bathroom and Miniature Spa - Thera-Pee: 4 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Miniature Spa

Use Light Colors

Colors are an important element of any home improvement project. You want any colors used to match already existing designs and color palettes of both your house and your bathroom, unless you are planning on repainting all of it. Bathrooms typically benefit from lighter colors to make them seem more open, brighter, inviting and well-lit. Whatever colors you choose, be sure they go well together. An interior designer or a contractor with a good eye can help you choose the best color combinations for your bathroom.

Install a Jacuzzi Tub and Elegant Shower

Installing a Jacuzzi, elegant shower, or any other luxury bath will instantly make any bathroom seem more like a professional spa. Jacuzzis have health benefits such as stress relief, helping you sleep, improving circulation, minimizing pain from arthritis, and more. Bathing in them regularly can help prevent serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes. Elegant showers can have sophisticated showerheads that save water and feature many settings. Walk-in showers are particularly popular, and glass walls will look much better than shower curtains.

Optimize Your Storage Space

Storage space is always important in every room in your house. Optimizing your storage space and keeping things put away will reduce clutter and keep your bathroom looking nice. You can add cabinets, wire racks, and other types of space for additional storage if needed. Adding a fresh coat of paint or elegant designs to older cabinets can add an incredibly classy look to your bathroom.

Get Fancy with Your Flooring

The right flooring can really turn your bathroom into a class act. Options include tile, vinyl and natural stone flooring, among others. Consider factors such as look, cost and the durability of any material you choose to use. Flooring in a bathroom should also be able to handle significant amounts of water and moisture, making hardwood a poor option. Heat should also be considered, because many flooring options are cold but heated options are available for a more luxurious bathroom.

There are a number of benefits to transforming your bathroom into a miniature spa. It can help you relax, make you healthier, increase the value of your home, and much more. Bathrooms are always some of the best rooms in any home in which to make improvements.

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