Things To Do in a Bathroom

It might sound funny at first look, but few people spare a thought to what could be done in a bathroom. This room is no more Spartan or only functional, but doubles as a relaxing space and at times even a spa. In spite of having smart fixtures, many people use the bathroom for basic functions and fail to take advantage of the different uses, this room can offer. Even the simplest of bathrooms can be put to excellent use.  Following are some things to do in a bathroom:

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Relive the life of Cleopatra!
Give your body a thoroughly relaxing soak in the bathtub, with a unique twist. Instead of regular bubble baths, fill the tub with milk or dried milk powder and sprinkle rose petals for full effect. This royal treatment will give you skin to die for and delight your senses. Try this treatment at least once a month, the results on your psyche and skin will amaze you.
Clean your system!
Use the place as a Steam room, by running hot water continuously and keeping the exhaust off. Let the hot air fill the room and imbibe the hot ambience. Steam baths are a fantastic way to sweat out toxins and unclog pores. Follow this with a jet of water under a shower head. Massage pattern sprays will complete this experience appropriately.
Heal yourself!
 Authentic herbal powders are highly beneficial for health and provide a refreshing feeling. Get essential aroma oils and use these for their therapeutic powers. These can be used for gargling and relieving teeth and mouth disorders, or as bath oils for numerous health issues, ranging from mental stress to chronic fatigue syndrome.
Groom and Preen!
Yes, a bathroom can double up as a beauty treatment centre, for your weekly grooming regime. Ensure there is a large mirror or a magnifying one with bright lights.  Store your beauty essentials in a handy cabinet. The bathroom provides you privacy for such rituals.
Raise the Erotic Temperature!
Rekindle the romance, in your life with a candlelit atmosphere. Transform your bathroom into an inviting area with accessories, dim lighting and perfume filled air to create a romantic ambience. Keep a chilled bottle of bubbly on ice next to the tub, and sip leisurely while soaking in jasmine scented water. Wrap up the experience with an indulgent body moisturizing session. Of course, going through this session with a dream partner makes it perfect.
Educate with fun!
Moms with young kids can use bathing sessions for some extra special time to bond with them. Playful bouts in the tub with a tot can be an enjoyable experience for both; the child and to the parent. Such time together builds strong emotional bonds between a child and parent. Such sessions can be used to inculcate cleansing habits in children at a young age so that they practice hygiene throughout their lives. Toys in the bathroom can also be used to improve a child’s general knowledge.
Let your hair down!
Finally, let out the inner child; scream in joy, shout out loud or just sing at the top of your voice. After all, singing in the bathroom is an ancient tradition! This space is personal, so take total advantage and just let yourself go! Find yourself upset with your Boss, but unable to express your anger? Remove your frustration by screaming out aloud. It will surprise you, at how pleasurable it feels after such a screaming episode. Sing, sing out loud; ancient Chinese texts reveal that singing not only elevates your mood, but is terribly healthy for the lungs, as well.
Author Bio : Naseem Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Taps Store. Apart from writing she loves cooking and enjoying reading.

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