Think your home’s clean? Think again

It’s entirely possible that, though you home might be described as neat or tidy, your home many not be “clean” in the true sense of the word. Grime and gunk and all manner of filth adds up in our homes, mostly in places that are hard to reach or not often accessed. It’s a problem that all of us have, even the most scrupulous keepers of house. If your home’s cleanliness is getting away from you, or is simply a constant burden, give the folks at Handy a call. They can have a licensed and insured representative at your house tomorrow, getting it as clean as it’s ever been. For those more DIY-minded, here are a few ways to find the filth in your house.

Cleaning equipment

  • Check the Basement. If you have a basement, it could be hiding a bastion of nasties. Mold and mildew are two things you don’t want in your house. Not only could they threaten your house or the contents therein, they could make you really sick in the process. Mold doesn’t need a lot of darkness in moisture to get its foot in the door. If you have a basement, check it for mold and mildew, professionally if you aren’t certain. Then get it waterproofed to make sure the problem never surfaces in the first place.
  • Check the Attic. Many of the basement conditions which lead to mold and pests are also found in the attic. Check your attic for moisture, as well as mold and mildew. If there’s moisture, there’s likely a roof leak that needs to be addressed. Attics are also havens for pests like moths, mice, and termites. You don’t want any of those guys in there, trust me. If you aren’t invested currently, make sure the problem never finds its way into your home in the first place.
  • Check Behind the Fridge. The refrigerator is heavy, so it’s rarely moved. Find an occasion and clean up anything that could be rotting or living under there. Because food is often falling and spilling out of the fridge, some of it invariably finds its way beneath. This can just rot over time, which is gross. What’s worse is when it provides food to a colony of roaches or mice. In either case, regular cleaning behind here will go a long way.
  • Check Behind and Beside the Stove. The stove is much like your fridge. Heavy, it’s rarely messed with. But because it butts up right beside your countertop, chances are spills and oil find their way down the sides of your stove. Pull it out to remove these with a nice degreaser. Your house will smell better, and it won’t be filled with pest food.
  • Clean Your Shower. Some people live with a dirty shower. It’s easy to overlook, because it gets dirty gradually, day by day. Take a fresh look at your shower and give it a thorough cleaning if you find it less than sanitary. While you’re cleaning, check for bad or broken seals around the tub to make sure water isn’t getting behind your tile or waterproof surface.

There are a bunch of other cleaning details to keep an eye on in the typical home. If this sounds daunting, contact Handy. Their cleaners are friendly, insured, background checked, and ready to make your home spick and span. Visit to get 1 hour free with your first cleaning today!

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