Thinking Outside the box…just Outside the Box

Presentation is a key element to any business, but so much is wrapped up in the presentation that it’s easy to neglect very simple steps that can improve your product’s presentation.

Poly Tape

For example, packaging the materials is an important consideration. Of course, some small businesses can only afford to work with postal service flat rate packaging, but for those with the room to personalize, a specific packaging approach might well be in order.

Three Parts of the Box to Consider


The tape your business uses to secure its packages is worth considering along with more drastic options. It is a simple, oft-overlooked point that can be changed with a minimum of expense and fuss. Specialty brands such as Anthropology Tape can provide extra color and interest to the packaging, helping add that little bit of extra pop to your packaging presentation. Tape can also come with patterns and images, which can be tied in with the company logo, or the theme of the purchase. Do your customers order security supplies? Crime-scene themed tape might get them a chuckle. Choose a tape with at least some of the extra thought that goes into the company logo.


Speaking of logos, at some point it will be important to take things a step further and brand your packaging with your logo. This can be as simple as ordering custom tape with the logo embossed on the outside, or as significant as special-ordered boxes with the logo proudly displayed. Having the logo on the packaging reminds people that it isn’t just any box, it’s that company’s box.


Again, having specifically colored boxes can attract attention that can be used to good advertising effect. The US Postal Service has distinctive white boxes for their flat-rate services, and it can’t be denied that they draw the eye amid a sea of generic brown parcel packages. Other services have distinctive color schemes, so choosing a package in a color that works for your company and its logo can be a smart step toward gaining and retaining customer attention.

Improving the presentation of any company is a process of small yet important steps. It is easy enough to begin with small, concrete tweaks to the packaging. The changes discussed range from the minute to the drastic, but each can help draw the eye of your customer and help them remember that when they deal with you, they get a distinctive, personal touch.

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