Three Tips For Creating Your Garden Sanctuary

Not everyone gardens for food. Not everyone gardens because they love flowers. Some people garden because they simply love the beauty of it and they love the creativity that goes into designing their garden.

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Some people garden just because it gives them something to do. Why do you garden? Whatever you reason for gardening, you want your space to be a sanctuary where you can enjoy your outdoor time.

This isn’t about planting a field of corn, it’s about creating something that is special. Here are three things that you can do in order to make your garden space, whether big or small, a relaxing sanctuary for your mind and soul.

Start With A Plan

Do you have a certain thing you want to build your garden around? Maybe an angel statue you got as a gift or maybe a fountain you’ve been dreaming of buying? Focal points are pretty important in any design scheme, even a garden.

You also want to know what types of flowers and plants you want to have and make a plan of where you put each type of plant. Make color schemes that go well together. Even texture matters when it comes to garden design.

Draw a sketch of how you want your garden to look. It doesn’t have to look perfect, the sketch that is, but you do want to know what shapes you want your beds in and where you may want to place things like statues, fountains and trellises.

Placement Is Key

Make sure that you read up on the plants you are planting and keep them spaced correctly. You don’t want any of them crowding out each other.

Some plants do better in shade, while some are better placed in direct sunlight. All of this also matters when it comes to deciding what will go where.

If you are starting with seeds or seedlings, spacing can be even more important. Adult plants will already likely be as big as they are going to be and you won’t have to worry as much about spacing, just placement.

Make Sure You’re Weeding and Watering

According to Pitt Landscape, a professional landscaping company, spacing is very important when it comes to planting. Maintaining your garden is important, and it’s the only way you’ll keep it looking beautiful. That means that you’ll need to get down on your hands and knees and do some weeding from time to time. You may also need to do some trimming on things like rose bushes.

Don’t forget that your plants need water to survive. If you can’t set up some sort of irrigation system then you’ll need to get out there and water them each day. Don’t water when the sun is high and it’s too hot out because the water will just dry up quick and you may even burn your plants. Instead, wait until evening when it cools down.

Having a garden in your yard that looks like a piece of art can not only be relaxing, but it can also be inspiring. take your time to create a garden you’ll love and enjoy for the entire season.

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