Time and Money Saving Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Here is a summary of the helpful kitchen remodeling tips you will learn about in this article:

  • Common kitchen remodeling mistakes
  • Budget balancing tips
  • Appliance shopping tips


Kitchen remodeling is a really complicated, time-consuming endeavor and certainly worthwhile though with the help provided in this article you can make the process as smooth as possible.

The most important thing to accept is that deliveries may not happen on schedule, demolition may not start on time, there could be hassles with various installations, and clean up might be more time consuming than you thought.

Hiring a professional for most aspects of any kitchen remodel is preferable because it is likely going to cost you more in time and expenses should you choose not to have the input of an expert. And it’s required by law to have your plumbing, for example, up to code.

It’s a smart idea to know the details of your kitchen remodel prior to accepting bids from contractors. Know the type of lighting, countertop material, flooring, and cabinetry you prefer to go with and there is less likelihood that bidding contractors will assume you want higher end options that may be more costly and difficult to install.

There should be no need to pay for more than 30% of the cost of the job upfront which is to cover startup materials. This way, you’re not turning over all of your hard-earned money to someone and from there you can schedule payment milestones based on the progress of the job until it is complete.

Keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak, and don’t be tempted to spend money on any items you may not need. It’s easy to run to the local hardware store and spend on gadgets and tools that are simply not required for the remodel. Or to spend additional money for appliance features you may never use. Save your money and stick to your ultimate goal.

Remember that time is money and that it’s what is inside the cabinets and behind the walls that is most significant. Don’t worry about over-customizing or reworking you original plan too much because this leads to over-spending, delays in the work done, and work orders having to be changed.

Spend the time upfront to plan for your best use of form and function. You can actually save a lot of time and money by emptying the cupboards and drawers before your remodel to really observe where you have been using space. This creative exercise helps you to be clear about how you use the kitchen and how best to utilize the space with your new design.

Regarding maintaining a balanced budget for your kitchen remodels here are some helpful tips to keep you on track. For one, stainless steel appliances are good looking but the price tag is not so pretty. Consider a six burner pro-style and mid-range wall ovens and you will save a couple thousand dollars.

Custom cabinetry may be tempting but they are a lot more expensive whereas a walk-in pantry is a much better use of space and certainly more economical. The savings over having various custom cabinets can be more than one thousand dollars per square foot and there is likely a lot more space available as well.

When it comes to countertops consider limiting costly pieces such as granite, marble, or soapstone to high visibility areas such as an island, or rather use plastic laminate or ceramic tile which are cost effective and you will save between one and two hundred dollars per square foot. Mixing can also be a creative opportunity to add interest visually to your new kitchen.

When it comes to purchasing new appliances there here are several helpful ideas to make your choices easier when comparison shopping. First, certainly do compare prices for new appliances as the same unit can vary in price by hundreds of dollars from different vendors.

Choose Energy Star rated refrigerators and dishwashers which will conserve water and save you money. Note whether the appliance is easy to use with accessible controls, convenient load ability, and easy to grip knobs.

Choose a stovetop that uses controls on the side or front and not in between burners for safety reasons, as well as click-and-turn knobs which cannot be lit accidently by children. Also, ensure you have suitable ventilation and an abundance of ground-fault circuit interrupters so extension cords do not have to be used.

For all of your remodeling needs, including professional plumbers, choose reliable, experienced experts with many years in the industry and quality references and you will have the smoothest remodel possible. On budget and on time.

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