Tips and Warnings in Shopping for Ping Pong Tables and Accessories

Looking for ping pong tables? The search would be easier if certain parametres are established at the outset. It is not necessary to decide on a brand early on, because that could be limiting. There are popular and dependable brands that have been in service for many years with products that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. But then, there are the up and coming, new companies that provide exciting and innovative products that just might fit your requirements. However, it is best to decide whether the ping pong table you are seeking is for indoor or outdoor use.

Table tennis table

Anyone surfing the market for table tennis tables would, perhaps at a later time, need to look for accessories as well. The most basic ping pong accessories are balls, bats or paddles, nets and post nets, covers, and in certain instances, robots and competition equipment if the set-up is for formal training. Whatever you are in the market for, here are some useful tips so you get the most out of your shopping experience for ping pong equipment.

A warning for beginners

Setting up a game room for the family is a very exciting prospect. Naturally, given the set-up, the room would need an indoor ping pong table, air hockey table, pool table, and other home arcade necessities. One of the first purchases on the list would require a visit to showrooms full of table tennis tables.

Whether the line-up would come from an actual showroom or an online catalogue, it is best to start at the lower end of the price range.  One of your family members might be a future Olympian, but that remains to be seen. The family can invest on a competition level ping pong table if and when somebody shows potential and special interest in the game. For a family game room, the first ping pong table could even be a second-hand item as long as it is in good condition.

Here is a tip for those who have never before bought a ping pong table for family use. Make sure that the concept of the game room has been finalised before purchasing any of the items on the list, whether big or small. Is there a permanent place for the table or will there be a need to take it down periodically? There are many types of table tennis tables, and once purchased, it is usually not possible to return a solid item in case you end up needing something more portable. Should there be a need to move things around, there are tables with roller wheels that do not cost significantly more than those without wheels. It is best to determine these important aspects first before making a purchase.

Stay grounded and look beyond the hype

Manufacturers hire people to help them market their products, and these are very talented people for the most part. Sometimes there is nothing more behind the hype, and a customer ends up with much less than he or she had paid for. Even if you are ready to spend money and invest on the most expensive ping pong table in the catalogue, look beyond the claims and see if there really is substance behind the superlatives used to promote the product.

Mellany Gennaro is an avid blogger, freelance writer and online correspondent. She is not that into table tennis tables, but she thinks that ping pong is a worthwhile game and is very willing to learn how to play.

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