Tips for Identifying Fine English Reproduction Furniture

Fine English reproduction furniture is an important décor element for homes and commercial spaces. Its value and quality makes it an essential add-on for your house. Even with the growing number of modern fittings, antique furniture stills ranks the top.

English Furniture

While most modern furnishings have attractive designs, they lack longevity and endurance. So, if you want to upgrade your house with the type of furniture that will last for a long time and handle excess stress. The truth is: fine English reproduction furniture has proved to be long-lasting and high-quality. However, you have to be able to identify the real antique furniture, especially now that there are so many modern fittings that take on traditional furniture designs.

Before making any purchase of fine English reproduction furniture, you need to do research. Thankfully, there are so many resources on the internet that can provide you with the information you need to be able to decide on the kind of furniture to buy. You should also get an expert opinion on what antique furniture should have. They are better placed to advise you on the kind of vintage furniture to buy. Ask as many questions as you wish so that you can be well informed when making the ultimate decision.

The easiest way of identifying fine English reproduction furniture is to check its joinery. Vintage furniture was created uniquely with special joinery such as dovetail joints that didn’t require nails or screws. What’s more, they were handcrafted from start to finish. This ensured there was accuracy in the whole process. The problem with machine-cut fittings is that they lack accuracy. It is very easy for you to identify antique furniture by simply opening the drawer and checking its joinery. Fine English reproduction furniture also shows nicks and cuts as they were probably cut using a spoke shave or a plane.

It is also easy to identify fine English reproduction furniture by looking at its finish. Any furniture that was manufactured before 1860 has a shellac finish. And if the furniture is old enough, it will feature oil or wax paint. Other vintage English furniture is French-polished. If you find any furniture with lacquer and varnish finishes, then know it is a vintage one. Another effective clue is to check the type of wood used to manufacture the furniture. Traditional furniture was mainly manufactured from mahogany and other hardwoods such as walnut, oak, and cherry. If you want to know more, check out Essex Interiors for some stylish pieces, that can be made to your own bespoke requirements.

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