Tips for picking the Perfect Bed

Although buying a bed might not allow you to showcase your design flair in the same way as picking wallpaper or choosing a sofa, it’s nevertheless critical to consider an array of factors before purchasing a new bed.

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After all, it’s thought that we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, and with numerous health benefits to be enjoyed from a good night’s sleep, we should all examine the following factors when browsing the huge range of beds out there.


Beds come in all manner of sizes, but a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your bed is at least 10 centimetres longer than your height and that you should be able to have half an arm’s length between yourself and the edge of the bed – or your partner! And obviously if you’re buying a bed for a child, then be sure to give them plenty of room to grow into.


Getting a bed slightly bigger than normal is a good way to ensure that any light-sleepers aren’t interrupted by their partner moving in their sleep. And such considerations also apply to the choice of mattress, as the improvements in memory foam technology mean that any unwanted movement is minimised – and they can also do much to help with issues of back pain too.


As computer technology means that we’re spending more and more time in the bedroom to consume media, it’s also important to think about the choice of headboards to facilitate a more comfortable experience. Whilst headboards once used to be fairly limited, now it’s easy to mix and match headboards so as to gain the perfect blend of comfort and style.


And whilst it might not be quite as glamorous as choosing which headboard suits your interior decor, it can also be a good idea to think about how your new bed can augment your home’s storage space. Whether it’s using a divan bed that has handy storage drawers for packing away those winter blankets, or even using a special bed with a fold-away guest bed section, it’s apparent that the multi-purpose bed is becoming a big part of the modern home environment.

So whether it’s finding the perfect headboard to provide a restful way to read in bed, or finding the most comfortable mattress that can help you get the most amount of sleep before your Sleep Cycle alarm clock wakes you up, there’s many things to consider before buying your next bed!

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