Tips For Sophisticated Kitchen Renovation And Design

With a brand new kitchen renovation and design, your home can be given a stylish appearance and a boost in value. Even though you would probably like to save money, it is important to keep in mind that better quality materials will provide you with better value for money in the long run. Your kitchen will also be much longer lasting and will require less maintenance or repairs as the years go on. If you are trying to achieve a sophisticated space, we can provide you with a few simple tips that will help you to achieve this.

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  1. High Quality Materials
    In the long run, it is important to keep in mind that using superior quality materials will save you plenty of hassle. Only use the best door hinges and cabinet slides, for example, as this will prevent the drawers and doors from sticking. You should also steer towards wood veneer finishes, as these are known for their durability.
  2. Ideal Cabinet Heights
    You need to take the save of your kitchen into account when determining the most appropriate cabinet heights. A space with 8 foot ceilings, for example, should feature cabinets that extend to the ceiling; this allows you to have much more storage space, not to mention ways to efficiently use it. It also leaves wall space free.
  3. Paint or Stain?
    More often than not, when homeowners are choosing between paint and stain for their cabinets they settle on stained wood. Whilst this does look nice, it is important to keep in mind that stain can be quite difficult to alter when it becomes outdated. Painting, on the other hand, is much easier to change when you become sick of it.
  4. Countertops Add Elegance
    It is important that you choose a countertop that complements your cabinets and that adds a feeling of elegance to your kitchen renovation and design in Melbourne. Natural stones (such as marble and limestone) are perfect for this, as are thick slabs of timber. You should steer clear of laminate, even though it is a cheap option.
  5. Islands are Spacious
    Did you know that the placement of the island in your kitchen is a very important decision? A bulky island has no place in the middle of the room; they can actually detract from the appearance. Instead, you should opt for an island that is airy and open, preferably unhindered by appliances, if you want to place it in the middle.

Your kitchen renovation and design should reflect the rest of your home, which is why it is important that you choose pieces and colours that could make themselves at home in other rooms. You should also keep in mind that natural and clever lighting are vital to making the space feel as warm and inviting as possible. Remember that this space will be used to lovingly prepare family meals, so it is important that you have selected family friendly pieces that you can see yourself using for many years to come.


Author Bio: Master renovators consists of an experience team of bathroom and kitchen design consultants in Melbourne. For last many years, We have set up a brand name in the field of bathroom and kitchen renovation around the country.

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