Tips on Keeping Your Hotel or Hostel Clean

If you are operating a hotel or other paid accommodation business, making sure you have systems and the staff in place to keep your rooms and hotel clean, is very important. Keeping your hotel, hostel or budget accommodation clean, is not only good for your business, but might save you from a legal case. Here are some tips and suggestions for you to think about.

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●      Chemicals. The cost of all those chemicals can really eat into your budget. More homeowners are turning to old-fashioned remedies that clean just as well, and do not leave those nasty chemical residues. There are simple options that do work. The common ingredients that are used are: vinegar, baking soda, methylated spirits (for windows), lemon, oranges and warm water. You will be surprised to find that these items clean just as well as those expensive chemicals, cost a lot less, and will leave your hotel rooms smelling fresh without chemical residue.

●      Carpets. While vacuuming daily will be necessary, you will have to look at other Spring-cleaning options. There are many home and small business-use vacuum cleaners that can also handle a wet vacuum. Cleaning your carpets regularly will save you by reducing the need for commercial cleaning services – but don’t forget you will need to do this at least once a year!

●      Beds. If we took a look what sleeps with us in our sheets and mattress, most of us would be totally disgusted. An average human adult can shed 4 standard buckets worth of skin over a year. There are also those bed mites feeding on that. Whether you buy the equipment to remove that dead skin and those little creepy crawlies, or you get someone in to help you, please make sure you keep your mattresses clean. You should think about this weekly or monthly, if you want to it right. Smaller home and small business devices are readily available on the market these days that can take care of this at a very professional level. What is required from you, is the time and the effort.

●      Air Conditioning. One area that is often left until it is desperately needed. Unfortunately, the quality of air will have a huge impact on the way your clients will feel. Spending the time and effort, to regularly clean your air conditioning and ventilation, is an absolute must.

●      Washing. Where possible you should look for natural solutions for your cleaning needs. A little amount of bleach can get your whites looking very white. As more people are looking for basic solutions, you will probably find that more of your customers are happier when they know you use ‘old school’ solutions for your washing and laundry.

Save on your costs with a little old-fashioned elbow grease, use environmentally and people friendly materials, and last but definitely not least, think about professional services to give your location that complete once over each year.

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