Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying a Designer Sofa

There is one piece of furniture you are sure to find no matter which house you go to and that is the sofa. Sofa is an essential piece of furniture which adds a feeling of comfort and vibrancy in your living room. There are innumerable numbers of functions that a sofa has. On one hand guests can be seated on a comfortable place and on the other you get the liberty to munch your favorite snack while comfortably lying on the it and watching television.


So to enjoy these luxuries you need to choose the right piece of seating arrangement for your drawing room. Though this piece of furniture is a common sight in many homes yet many people make basic mistakes while buying their sofa. Hence, their sofa looks odd as compared to other pieces of furniture lying in a room. In this article, we will discuss some simple techniques to correct your mistakes are as follow.

Available spaces – Go around your drawing room and see how much area it covers. You should buy a sofa according to the size of the room.  A big sofa for small room will leave no walking space for the guests and inmates of the house.

Color – Keep in mind that the color of the sofa should match and compliment the furniture around. Otherwise the sofa will look odd sitting there with the rest of the furniture.

Functionality – Think about all the functions you want your sofa to offer you. Do you want storage space? Do you want a sofa cum bed? If your room is small then you should go for sofas that have open legs as it gives an illusion of free space.

Wearing away – If you have small kids or dog then you should never go for a leather couch. You should buy a sofa that is sturdy and can be used roughly. You should always go for dark colors for your sofa as light ones look dirty fast.

Fabrics and patterns – You can go for patterned sofa if your sofa is used frequently as this hides minor stains. If you want to make a bold statement then you should go for strong colors and simpler lines. Never go for silk or satin.

Cost factor  – You should never compromise on the quality of the sofa as they last for at least 10 to 15 years. So buy a sofa when you can actually afford to live with it.

Sofa quality –  A good sofa has a strong and a sturdy frame and it is made from kiln dried hardwood. The legs should never be screwed on they should always be a part of the frame. The cushions should be comfortable and they should rise up again when the person stands up and not slouch down. Hence they should retain their shape. You should feel the frame from the paddling. Don’t purchase the sofa if its back feels hollow.

Hence the sofa should not only look good but also be strong and sturdy to last for years and make your investment worthwhile. You can visit Sofa Workshop of good brands yourself and as for customized sofa suitable for your need.

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