Tips To Make Your Dull Space Look More Attractive

Every house is an embodiment of the lifestyle and taste of the home owners. Since human beings are not perfect the homes in which they live in are not perfect too. If you feel that there is a corner in your house which is dull and lacks in glamour there are plenty of options that you can explore to revamp the decor of your home.

Living Area - Tips To Make Your Dull Space Look More Attractive

Your home is like an empty canvas and you just need to get creative while decorating it. Begin with the walls and use bright and vibrant colors.  Simple colors in light shades fail to do the wow trick. Along with bright colors, you can also use patterns which can complement the color on the walls.

Another great option for decorating your house lies in choosing cheap pieces of artwork which are easily available on the Internet at a throw away price. Even if you do not consider yourself as an art lover you can always use some artwork to accentuate your walls.

Another reason because of which our room looks dull is because they have no definite purpose. If you have a room where nothing is defined in particular you can change that to a reading room or the home office and give it a specific purpose. When you define the purpose of a room you can choose matching furniture and accessories to coordinate with the theme of the room.

You can also make use of natural rugs and carpets like coir carpets to give your room a visual appeal. Coir carpets are easily available in stores. They have a huge stock of natural fiber carpets which are not only environment friendly but also quite safe for kids and pets.

It is a big misconception to think that natural fiber carpets cannot look good.   The modern art of weaving have come a long way and designers in the industry are making serious efforts to incorporate style in weaving patterns.

If you want to create real impact, you can choose a black and white combination effect.  For example you can use black coir carpets or black wall paints and accentuate the room with white furniture and upholstery. Black and white provides a sense of bold charismatic and serene environment. However if you are a lover of colors, then you can opt for patch work designs. In that case, you can simply throw a patch work rug combining different colors on the floor over a simple coir carpet to instantly lift the mood of the room. Alternatively you can also use a patchwork quilt on your bed if you cannot afford to repaint your walls.

Floorspace is a supplier of natural plant based rugs and coir carpets in Australia.   The company offers a wide variety of designs and textures to suit outdoor as well as indoor usage. You can customise your designs and get them printed on any carpet as per your choice.

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