Tips to Making the Right Choice with Carpet Underlay’s

Carpet is an essential item in a room as it would be a discomfort to walk on the hard floor. Carpets are made from different fabrics –synthetic material, cotton, woolen, cotton- woolen mix, and woolen–felt mix, natural fibers such as coir, jute, and manila and so on. Generally, they are made out of wool and they provide warmth and comfort and require proper maintenance, at regular intervals.

Carpet underlay

Carpet Underlay and its Uses

  • Carpet underlay is a textile coating that goes between the carpet and the floor. It provides a shield, which makes the carpet and even the floor last longer by preventing the vagaries of tear and wear.
  • It also adds extra cushioning effect and making the walk over it more luxurious and satisfying.
  • The carpet underlay gives longevity to the carpets.
  • The underlay also absorbs the sound of footsteps and other sounds in the room and serves the purpose of acoustic insulation, as well. Because it absorbs sound, an ideal material prevents transferring of vibrations and sounds to the floor below, especially when one lives in multi-storied apartments.
  • It absorbs heat and moisture, so they help in saving considerably on the utility bills, as they keep the floor warm in winter days.
  • It will absorb the dust and thereby protect the carpet from dust settling on it. It helps the carpet to breath, therefore vacuum cleaning can be done more effectively.

Types of Underlay

Different types of carpet underlay are available in the market. Depending upon their type of usage, you can choose from the various materials of carpet underlay.

  • Rubber underlay is the one, which is widely used and are generally of flat carpet padding. They come in different thicknesses.
  • Foam carpet padding is also widely used because of its capacity to resist moisture. Even though, this type is slightly costly, it is the choice of householders and interior decorators. One can always cut the sheets into different shapes and sizes depending on the layout of the carpet. Even the pieces can be adjoined by simply sticking with adhesive tapes.
  • Woolen underlay’s are mostly used to protect the woolen carpets, which are usually expensive. The underlay is also expensive but it gives the warmth and cosines.
  • Underlay’s made of a mixture of felt, wool is also in vogue, and the wool used is recycled wool fibers’. Therefore, it is eco-friendly and contributes to the green movement. This type of underlay, like the woolen ones, is cozy, long lasting and offers warmth.

When replacing a carpet with a new one in a room, people do have a predicament whether to use the old underlay or go in for a new one. Experts advise that one should not try to save money by using the existing one, instead should buy a new one. It is mainly because the underlay too deteriorates with time and use. The new underlay will provide longer life to your new carpet.

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