Tools You Need To Install Skirting Boards

Most people nowadays want to save money and install skirting boards on their own. Fair enough, installing skirting boards is easy. Even if it is your first time to do so, you should not worry as you will find loads of step by step tutorial online.

Skirting Board

To ensure that you are able to install skirting boards properly, you need to complete tools with you. If you are missing a tool, you will not be able to complete installing the skirting boards. So what do you need to be able to successfully install skirting boards?

Here are the basic installation tools that you will need:

  • Skirting Board – Make sure that you have enough skirting boards with you. Before you buy skirting boards, measure the room where you intend to install it so that you know exactly how many skirting boards to buy. Skirting boards are usually 2.4 metres in length. Set an allowance on your measurement. It is better to have some excess skirting board than lack boards to install.
  • Paint – Before you fit the skirting board, you should already paint it. After installing it, you can just do some touch up on the paint. Apply a primer first and then after it is dry, apply the top coat. Glossy paint dries slower than a matte one.
  • Paint Brush – You will use this in painting the skirting board. Have at least two paint brushes of different sizes. One should be small and the other medium size.
  • Decorator’s Caulk – You will need this to cover screw or nail heads and to fill in any gap on the skirting board.
  • Tape Measure/Meter Stick – You will need to measure the room where you will be installing the skirting boards. Also you will need to measure the skirting board so you will know where to cut it.
  • Hand Saw – This will be used in cutting the skirting board to your desired length. Make sure to put angle at the end of the skirting board to fit the corner of the wall.
  • Hand Drill – This will be used to drill holes to the skirting board so that the wood screws will be able to pass through.
  • Wood Screws – You will use this to fit and install the skirting boards onto the wall.
  • Screw Driver – This is for inserting and tightening the wood screws.

Basically, these are the tools that you will need if you are going to install skirting boards.

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