Top 5 Tips For The Best Carpet Cleaning

Pre-inspection Carpet Audit

The most reputable service providers begin the process by conducting a carpet audit. This entails inspecting all the carpets and upholstery to be cleaned. In this step, be prepared to answer questions about the nature and origin of the stains. Providing sufficient information to the carpet cleaners can go a long way in enabling them to formulate the appropriate solutions based on the extent of damage to your carpets. The inspection will also determine the type of fiber, dry times, and cleaning methods to be used.

Carpet Cleaning - Top 5 Tips For The Best Carpet Cleaning

Initial Quote

The price of carpet cleaning services is always a huge factor to consider. As you talk to several companies, you will find that the prices they offer can vary immensely. After the inspection, the carpet cleaners should provide you a quote to help you prepare your budget. Watch out for companies that give you a price without even seeing the condition of your carpets. Also, steer clear of companies that only provide an estimate even after conducting the inspection. This is a sign that you will get charged with hidden fees for things you don’t need.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Back in the day, professional carpet cleaners used toxic cleaning solutions and inefficient machines to get the job done. Over the years, technology has produced environmentally friendly products and energy efficient equipment that accomplishes the same cleaning tasks much more quickly. Government regulations also require carpet cleaning companies to equip themselves with the most innovative cleaning products and equipment available today. Take your time to check the kind of products used by the company before signing on the dotted line.

Written Guarantee

To feel more confident about the quality of services you receive, it is better to limit your list to service providers who can give you a written guarantee. The guarantee should cover workmanship and included details about the things to be done in case you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the service. Read the guarantee and make sure it is written in simple and straightforward language. This usually includes pre-existing damages to your carpet to avoid unfair liability on the part of the carpet cleaner.


There are stains that prove to be harder to get rid of compared to others. In such a case, professional carpet cleaners may opt to use preconditioning or carpet cleaning services. These are typically used to treat spots on your carpets that have stubborn stains. Many companies sell this service at inflated prices, so be sure to compare the rates from different providers so you can see whether you are getting your money’s worth. Note that this can include products for odor elimination as well.

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