TOP 7 Small Laundry Room Ideas

Arranging a Tight Place is Easy!
Laundry room is one of the busiest areas in every house. As there are lots of things to be fitted into it, at times even a large room seems to be too tight, not speaking of an originally small one. Usually the laundry is placed in the most isolated area of the house: in the back of the garage, near the backyard, etc. Of course, the size of the space doesn’t really matter for this room, but when the place is TOO small, it is hard to work there.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

So, how to decorate and organize a small laundry room? What small laundry room ideas help to feel at ease while doing activities in there?

Try to Go Vertical
While organizing the area, choose tall and narrow clothes sorting cabinets that provide the same capacity, but in half the space. An adjustable drying rack keeps the room contained in one space, so there’s no need for extra storage spots.

Mix Closed and Open Storage
This is one of those small laundry room ideas used by most people. Open shelving above appliances and sink hold storage baskets, glass containers and bins neatly arranged. Use wall-mounted cupboards with neat doors to tuck away numerous cleaning supplies and detergent bottles. If the space allows, try to install lower cabinets under the sink or anywhere else in the laundry. This all helps to add warmth and extra storage to a small area.

At one end of a wall you can also install one tall cabinet to hide a vacuum cleaner, mops and brooms there.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Wall Space
Each room has empty walls, and the laundry is not an exception. Just make sure that you use these walls. You can hang over decorative hooks and dangle bags for dirty clothes and other stuff, as well as towel bars and closet rods. Place an accordion drying rack or tuck a foldable drying rack in between the washer and dryer. You can also stow an ironing board on an over-the-door hanger.

Hide the Supplies
Another way to go is concealing laundry detergents and cleaning supplies that clutter the fronted cabinets. Add a hanging rod to keep the drying clothes neat. Use baskets to have additional storage and keep things contained and sorted.

Space above Washer & Dryer

In case your washer and dryer are side by side, put the shelving right above them. You can also arrange matching bins or baskets up there. This is going to be the central point of the laundry, providing a quite easy access to bleach, detergent, dryer sheets, soften balls and a whole number of other things.

Stack All Up
The main problem of any laundry is that the floor space is very tight. To change that you can get a laundry basket organizer; this allows the baskets to be stacked in a neat way. Why not purchase one and fit it into your place?

Make sure that you are about to invest into laundry baskets, which are all the same size and will slide in the shelf quite easily. The greatest thing is that one can make a basket organizer as tall as he/she wishes (from floor to ceiling) in order to hold many baskets.

Use Curtains to Conceal Stuff
Even a very small laundry room should be treated like any other space by adding cheerful curtains. If you choose a pretty curtain, it will create a great atmosphere within the space and hide the dryer and the washer. Most homeowners choose hanging standard spring rods below the counter and picking a fabric coordinated with the adjoining spaces.

For a creative atmosphere some choose children’s artworks and family pictures. They all add more personality to the space.

As you see there are several small laundry room ideas that really work. Choose one or several of them and you will see that even a tight place can be roomy and very convenient

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