Top Seven Trends in Windows and Window Treatments for 2015

Each and every year new and innovative products and designs that help improve the functionality as well as the appearance of a home are introduced at the International Window Covering Expo. Taking place in Las Vegas this past January, a number of exciting trends and creative ideas were shared, and we would like to share them here with you too.


1. Easy to Use Motorised Window Treatments

Back in the day, in order to have a motorised window treatment a homeowner would need to place a call to an electrician and endure a costly installation bill. It looks as if those days are now behind us as any homeowner can now install a simple motorised system themselves and at a minimal expense.

Some of these systems are controlled by a separate remote and can be battery powered. Others homeowners can have full control of even when they’re out and about. Window treatment manufacturers have harnessed home automation technology and now allow you to open and close treatments from you tablet or smartphone with just a touch of a button. This can significantly improve the security of your home.

2. Bolstered Pet and Child Security Measures

Every summer we hear the traumatic stories of a dear child or beloved pet taking a tumble out of a window. We were pleased to see some great options for child and pet security, including attractive window guards that no longer resemble gaudy prison bars.

The greatest advancements in child and pet safety were with window treatments. The dangling cords used to operate curtains and blinds have always been a safety hazard. Several of the cutting edge window treatment designs seen at the Expo have completely eliminated the need of cords, leaving homeowners with a clean, chic window covering. Some of the best motorised options we saw came in the form of:

  • Traditional shades
  • Roller shades
  • Curtains

3. Double and Tripled Glazed Windows

As utility bills continue to increase, innovative window designers are continually seeking ways to help homeowners cut down on energy costs by increasing the energy efficiency of their windows. Windows such as the sliding sash windows by Kloeber have been double and triple glazed to help improve the thermal efficiency of the home. Some other benefits that come with double and triple glazed windows include:

  • Sound insulation: Windows with more than one layer of glazing create a greater barrier between your room and the neighbourhood
  • Reduced condensation: The water droplets that can freeze on windows can make the room feel cold and draughty. Double and triple glazed windows have an airtight seal which prevents this chilly condensation from building up.
  • Less damage to furnishings: Double and triple glazed windows help reduce the amount of heat and sun entering the room. These windows keep the fading of upholstery, artwork and carpeting to a minimum.
  • Increased safety: This type of window is more difficult to smash and break than a single pane window. Given their tighter seal, this also makes them more difficult to force open from the exterior of your home.

4. Sliding Sash Windows and Tilt and Turn Designs

The sliding sash window is a staple for homes given its attractive appearance and functionality. Homeowners are also often treated to an array of different treatments and frame colours and materials to suit their home and their own specific tastes.

Another growing trend in the window industry is the “tilt and turn” style of window. Tilt and turn windows are as elegant as they are practical. Though popular throughout much of Europe, this concept is still relatively new to the UK. These windows allow owners’ greater control over how much fresh air enters the home. These windows can be tilted for added ventilation within the home, or they can be completely turned so that they may be cleaned.

5. A Growing Demand for Bespoke Windows

“Customisation” seems to be the operative word for 21st century homes. Window manufacturers are keeping up with the trend and the most cutting edge companies offer bespoke windows. Bespoke windows, or custom windows, are growing in demand as designers and homeowners continue to create unique doorways and window openings for the home. Some individuals are even choosing to build their own homes, resulting in a demand for less-than-conventional window sizes and dimensions.

Bespoke windows are incredibly adaptable and can meet the needs of any homeowner. They can make use of any frame material, including timber, aluminium, composite or non-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (also known as uPVC). These windows also often come with different glazing options to suit the needs of the homeowner, including double or triple glazed.

6. Colour, Colour and More Colour

Window manufacturers and treatment producers have vastly expanded their range of colour options over recent years. Some of the top colour trends aren’t unfamiliar, though some surprised us.

  • Earthy hardwood stains: The most popular hardwood stains are tried and true colours in the window industry. Light oak, old pine, and dark oak are all top choices.
  • Dark and dramatic: Greys and darker shades have become some of the most chic and modern colours to hit the window industry. Ebony and dark walnut are solid choices, though more homes will be seen using colours like Storm Grey and Limewash this year
  • Going metallic: Metallics are a huge hit in interior decorating this year, and the windows manufacturers are working hard to meet the demand. Gold and silver shades are both going to be trend-setting shades this year

7. 2-in-1 Designs Are Still in

One of the most exciting developments from 2014 were window treatments that could perform two functions at once: they provide privacy during the day and block light at night. While the initial designs were attractive last year, companies have even broadened their selection of this type of treatment. Homeowners can now choose from basic designs to aesthetically pleasing and artistically designed shades that can add to the expression of your home.

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