Top Tips for Cleaning Wood Flooring

Real hard wood flooring is a wonderful feature of any home; adding character, warmth and even added value to a property. As with any type of flooring however, wood floors lose their appeal if they are left to get dirty – so cleaning the floor boards regularly is highly recommended. There are several things to consider when going about a clean on your real wooden flooring:

waxed flooring

Start with a good vacuum
Using the right tools for the job will not only ensure you get a good clean finish, but make sure you don’t hurt your back whilst cleaning large spaces. Start by hovering your floors thoroughly to pick up any loose debris and dust and make the wiping process quicker. Make sure to switch your hoover end for a softly bristled design which will not scratch your wood. In between major cleans of your flooring be sure to keep on top of hovering or sweeping so that debris is not trodden into floorboards and therefore harder to remove at a later date.

Mopping sealed floors
If your floors have been sealed, mopping is a suitable way to clean your wooden boards. Make sure that you wring out the mop efficiently before each use so that your wood is not left to swell. If you have sealed floors, resist the urge to polish the area as this can be extremely slippery and dangerous.

Maintaining waxed flooring
When your floors are waxed as opposed to varnished, then use a damp mop sparingly. To improve the condition of your boards, you should reapply a wax polish occasionally. Wax can get grubby over time so you may need to strip it back and start again. To lift old wax, take a cloth dipped in white spirit and wipe away any residue using crumpled newspaper. After the old wax has been lifted, mop the floor before reapplying a new coat.

Test cleaning products
If you are going to use cleaning products on your floor, whether shop bought or homemade, be sure to do a patch test on an area which is usually out of sight. Some cleaning products will leave your wooden floor boards looking dull.

Use rugs for protection
To reduce the need for cleaning, protect your flooring with rugs in high-traffic areas of your house. If you are walking across a specific area many times a day then the flooring will wear down. Throw rugs are a nice way to reduce this wear and add a complimenting decorative feature to your home. Be sure to have one that backed (particularly if you have children) so that the rug will not slip and cause trip hazards – but be warned that vinyl and rubber backing can trap humidity and stain or damage your wood finish beneath.

If your flooring has really past its best and a good clean can’t bring them back to life, don’t re-carpet. Instead choose to upgrade with London Oak Solid Wood Flooring or a durable engineered wood finish.

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