Trendy Kitchen Tools and Appliances that Will Rock 2016

January might have gone by so fast and though the lights and grandeur of the New Year might have faded let it not be a reason to get excited for the latest and newest trends that will hit your kitchen this 2016. Aside from affordable appliances from the Philippines, there are plenty more kitchen tools and gadgets out there that will totally upgrade your kitchen.


To know more about it, here’s a list of the best equipment to hit stores this year that will totally blow your mind away: 

1. All-Purpose ‘Bakeware’ 

Imagine a freezer-, fridge-, oven, microwave- and dishwasher safe equipment. Well imagine no more because this kind of tool already exists and its existence will amaze any housewife or kitchen enthusiast. Plenty of kitchen appliance manufacturers have experimented with creating a smart glass that combines the sturdiness of a tempered glass with the exterior of a ceramic as an alternative bowl, baking dish and pan. And now that they made it available in the market, many have been trying to get their hands on of these.

2. The Most Updated Juicer 

2016 is your year to be healthy and for all the health geeks, this device will truly help you get in shape! The newest technology in the juicing industry I snow capable of a feature that can either ‘slowly’ blend your leafy greens while ‘quickly’ or ‘hastily’ macerate your whole fruits in seconds. Plus, the other benefits include a spout that locks in an upright position which eliminates drip, a quiet motor and dish-washer safe parts. They also come in pretty and shiny colors, which can help beautify your kitchen too.

3. Transformative Taps 

The future of water drinking is upon us all and with the help of these spouts they can transform plain water into sparkling water and of course purified drinking water. Specific models require rules in using so be sure to read the manual to know specifically what each sprout is capable to do.

4. Flavour-Enhancing Champagne Glasses 

Most champagne glasses are generically designed with fairly long stems which move into a wide cup design where the wine usually sits. Nowadays, plenty of wine glasses are designed to take wine tasting to new heights; these contemporary kitchen accessories cast a subtle pattern of geometric reflections when they are placed on a flat surface. This reflection is a result of a gold-plated brass rim that is found at the base of each glass. These types of glasses have been engineered to provide optimal taste and flavor enhancement, changing the experience of vino drinkers.

5. Nutrient Preserving Cookers 

Designed to offer user an effective means of cooking without dissolving the much needed elements of human for survival and that is none other than, nutrients. The latest innovation in the pressure cooker industry is an eight in one appliance which is capable of being used for nearly every meal. Specifically, with this kind of pressure cooker it can lock in flavor and reduce cooking time. Aside from pressure cooking, this appliance can also be used as a slow cooker, fryer, cereal maker, yogurt maker, steamer and more.

The above list is just a few of the newest technologies and tools created for the heart of our homes. Remember to be sure and specific of what you want to invest on since it can be overwhelming to have many options.
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