Turn Your Garage into a Functional Space You’ll Love

The garage is often a forgotten area within the home. It becomes a catch-all for clutter. This clutter takes over to the point that the garage isn’t even able to be used for its main purpose which is parking the car inside. With a little organization, you can reclaim this portion of your home and begin using it as a workshop, tidy storage area, and of course, a place to keep your vehicle.

Garage - Turn Your Garage into a Functional Space You’ll Love

Do Some Deep Cleaning

This part of your garage’s transformation will be the hardest. To simplify the process, begin by removing every single item from the area. You should have a completely empty space when finished. Sort the things you removed from the garage into three piles. One should be the items you wish to keep, the next should be for things you can donate, and the last pile is for trash. You may need to store the possessions you wish to keep inside your home or at a nearby storage unit to keep them protected and out of the way while renovating.

Install Storage Solutions

Now you need a place to put all of those things you decided to keep. Check out your local home improvement store as well as online retailers for shelving, racks, and peg boards that will help you stay organized. Tools can be placed in tool boxes that have multiple drawers are hung on pegs. Bicycles can be hung from the ceiling to free up floor space, and floor to ceiling shelves will make the best use of your valuable space. Austin garage door installation businesses can install a modern automatic garage door that will make accessing your things from outside even easier.

Create a Work Space

The final step in your garage renovation is to create a well functioning workspace for yourself. Whether you enjoy doing crafts, woodworking, gardening, or some other hobby, the garage is the ideal location for a workbench. Install a kitchen countertop complete with drawers and cupboards underneath for a place to work on projects as well as storage for your materials and tools. Save money by searching for repurpose stores and flea markets for the cabinetry and countertop.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the garage out, added the necessary storage solutions and a door from a retailer like Austin’s Greater Garage Doors, and designated a specific spot for working, your garage will become a space within your home that you will love. In fact, you might enjoy spending time there so much that you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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