Turn Your Garden Into An Outdoor Living Space

There are many types of garden design, ranging from formal and carefully sculptured to wild gardens that encourage the natural growth of plants and shrubs. Whatever type of design you opt for, it is certainly worth considering adding areas where you can sit and relax and, if you have room, somewhere to prepare and eat food, somewhere to entertain, and somewhere for the kids to play. While the UK may not have the best weather all year round, by introducing these types of area to your garden, it is possible to create additional living space that you and the whole family will really benefit from and enjoy.

Outdoor Living

Patios and decks provide a solid and sturdy base, as well as somewhere to place seating without ruining the lawn. While patios may be hardwearing, the variety of decking materials, colours, designs, and styles, as well as their convenience, means that these have become a more popular option in most cases. Choose colour and design according to the size and style of garden, as well as your personal preferences.

Decking doesn’t have to be made from wood, which requires regular treating in order to ensure that it retains its strength as well as its good looks. Metal decking is stronger and depending on the type of metal and the treatment that is has had applied to it before it is installed, it will usually require less maintenance than wooden decking. However, some people do not like the industrial look that this type of flooring space can create.

Decking is typically placed in the sunniest area of the garden, so that you can benefit from being in the sun while you are sat on your checking furniture. You can incorporate awnings and patio covers so that you can use your decking for longer periods of time, while patio heaters and fire pits may also be added. Lighting, typically solar powered to save on the cost of electrical installation and the cost of powering the lights, further serves to provide you with a space that you can enjoy for longer periods of time.

If you enjoy eating outside, or you regularly host barbecues for friends and family, then having somewhere to store your barbecue, and somewhere to place it when it is being used can be very beneficial. You could even have a covered food preparation area, in which case you should only need to cover the barbecue when it is not in use, and you won’t need to find storage space for it. Convenience usually dictates that the food preparation area is near to the house but also close to the decking, but you should consider proximity to the neighbours, and even the effect of the heat of the barbecue on any planting or outdoor buildings.

Patios and decking can prove an extremely beneficial addition to the garden of your home. By incorporating a few additional items like heaters and a barbecue, you can effectively turn your garden into an outdoor living space for the whole family.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, Garden Club London can take your ideas, create a stunning design, and implement the design to create a functional and attractive outdoor space.

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