Types of Stair Coverings

Stair coverings are functional products that can help protect your stairs. They also prevent slips and falls that often lead to injury. You may not know that there are actually several different types of stair coverings. They come in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles. Stair treads offer a versatile way to add protection and safety in a manner that is personal and reflects your home’s style. Here are some of the various types of stair coverings you can find from Amstep Products and other manufacturers.

Stair coverings


Nosings cover the edge of the stair, rather than the middle. They provide a non-skid surface that is gently raised and does not project much off the surface of the step. This is a good option for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, apartment buildings and other places with lots of people going in and out. Nosings are also well-suited to light-wheeled traffic such as dollies and carts. You can get nosings of various materials like concrete and stone.


Stair treads are products that lie flat and cover the width of the stair. They come in a variety of colors and textures and are meant to provide a non-slip, non-skid surface for pedestrians. They can be used on both inside and outside stairs. Some treads come with an attached front nose, and some come with a beveled back edge. Stair treads can be customized to your particular needs.

Non-Slip Coatings

Non-slip coatings can be applied to stairs as well as walkways to prevent slips and falls. These coatings are usually epoxy or water-based, and they come in a number of colors. Some of the more popular color choices include yellow, gray, black and red. These coatings are ADS compliant and can adhere to different surfaces depending on the type of coating you choose. Non-slip coatings are used frequently in industrial settings, hospitals, marinas and swimming pools. They’re perfect for slippery, high-traffic areas like swimming pool decks, walkways and playgrounds.

These are the most common types of stair coverings. Some can even be used on other surfaces to prevent accidents. These coverings can be customized by color and material to work in any environment.

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