Upgrade Your Home’s Energy Efficiency In Three Simple Ways

If your pockets are feeling the weight of rising energy prices, then you will be interested in knowing some simple ways to save a few bucks. There are many benefits to upgrading your home’s energy efficiency. The government offers instant tax breaks. More efficient windows, screens, and doors will lower your energy bills, and keep your home’s temperature more stable. This, in turn, will extend the lifetime of your HVAC unit and save you even more money in the long run.



Updating the windows in your home doesn’t really have very many negative consequences. In fact, the benefits of installing energy efficient windows in your home are in abundance. Simply adding storm windows and caulking the cracks around your own windows can help as well, but it’s not as beneficial as replacement.

Glassing technology has become very sophisticated in the last twenty years, so the market offers a wide and specific variety of different windows. You can custom tailor your new windows to match the climate, design, and orientation of the building where they are to be installed.


Solar screens are an excellent addition to your newly installed energy efficient windows. You are likely to see close to a thirty percent deduction in your energy costs with this combination. Solar screens also help to keep the glass in your windows cool, which keeps your home from absorbing the day’s heat rays long into the night. Also, if you choose to instal window tint instead, you will automatically void the warranty on your windows. I would suggest not doing that and taking the more solid route with solar screens.


Like your windows, your doors can also be improved by repairing the caulking and weather stripping around your doors. If they are older doors, though, you’re probably better off just replacing them.

When choosing your new doors, you should first consider the door’s energy performance ratings and how they relate to your local climate and the design of your home. Different materials fair and age differently in more humid climates. You want to avoid bowing the material in your doors. Metal doors with foam insulation are also a solid option in energy efficiency.

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