Upgrading Your Home Office to Leave Good First Impressions

First impressions are immensely important in business and although you might operate your business from home, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of making a good first impression upon clients who visit you at your home office.

Home Office

In addition to making a good first impression with your home office, you’ll also need to consider issues like workplace efficiency and productivity, as well as increasing your client base when working from home.

Renovating your home office to make great first impressions

It’s important to note that when your clients visit your home office, you’re not only conveying an impression with your office, but also your home, so ensure that it’s neat and tidy when receiving visitors.

Naturally, your workstation or work area should be organised and you also need a dedicated meeting area; somewhere to sit comfortably with your clients and discuss business.

If you have a comfortable outdoor area in which to sit with your clients then perfect; make it as attractive and comfortable as possible and keep it tidy.

However, if you lack such an area you’ll need to create a dedicated space in your home office because sitting at your desk whilst your clients sit in front of you raises barriers and can also convey the wrong impression.

Think of how many clients you regularly meet with and buy furniture accordingly; it won’t make a good impression to be a chair short and have to find a substitute, though consider the amount of space you have to both work and meet with clients in and the effect this could have on your productivity levels – you might have to make more radical changes than you’d expected.

In addition to a dedicated meeting space, make an impression on your clients with the way your workstation is set up. When you have a professional workstation or work area – one that’s streamlined to aid efficiency and organisation – your clients will see you as an efficient, organised and productive service provider – the kind of person they want to work with.

Increasing your client base when working from home

Whilst there are a number of advantages to working from home – working in your pyjamas, no commuting, more time to spend with the family, etc. – there are also a few disadvantages, most notably distractions and a lack of networking opportunities.

Distractions can be avoided in a number of ways, including working from a dedicated workspace, just as a lack of networking opportunities can be overcome in various ways.

Social networking is one of the best ways to increase your client base when working from home, though you must understand a few things, most notably:

a)     Who your target audience is

b)     Which social networks they’re likely to use

c)     How to introduce yourself

For business professionals, LinkedIn stands out head and shoulders above the rest and many home-based professionals recognise the benefits of upgrading to their professional account package as this enables them to network amongst other professionals, many of whom could be prospective clients.

If you fancy getting out of the house, another excellent networking opportunity for home-based professionals is found in co-working spaces frequented by local home-based and remote working professionals.

This could be something you have time to check out whilst your home office fit-out is taking place and you might even like to make it a regular occasion – it’s a great way to meet likeminded people, some of whom might you might find reason to collaborate with whilst others might prove to be potential clients.

Your home office says so much about you – make sure it conveys the right impression.

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