Use Pebbles To Make Your Home Aesthetically Pleasing

You must have seen people collecting pebbles on roads, parks, gardens and beaches. Have you ever wondered what they really do from those pebbles? Many people look at pebbles as an aesthetic piece of stone that is naturally beautiful, and not really know that these pure form of beautiful stones can even enhance the overall look of their home, as well as garden.


I know a person in my neighbour, who have made beautiful entrance porch with his personal collection of pebbles. And, i must say the arrangement of pebbles will hold you back for at least 5 minutes. It is the most inexpensive and beautiful flooring arrangement i have ever seen in any home. The stones are available for free of cost and all you need to spend is on arranging fixing elements. Now, does that spark any idea ?

Apart from being used in gardening, Garden pebbles can also be used and arranged in many other ways. You will be surprised to know that how you can use your creativity skills with these pebbles and decorate small corners of your home in a unique and elegant way. In this article, we will talk about some more uses of pebbles and how you can make your home, as well as garden look beautiful without spending much on expensive showpiece and decorative items.

Different Uses Of Pebbles

1) If you are too much into creating decorative items for your home and other noticeable places, then pebbles should be your obvious choice. Available in various shapes, colors and textures, they make amazing decorative items when arranged creatively.

For example: stick few pebbles on the front of a clear glass vase in a different pattern. You can use geometrical or curvaceous pattern to do so. It can become a great accessory for a living room. You can make a set of vases with similar pebble work and place them at different corners of the room.

2) You must be having dull looking five to seven inches of bamboo trays in your home. Fill the tray with a layer of even sized pebbles in a way that you don’t see the bottom. Start placing small bouquet of artificial flowers or dried flowers on it in a standing posture. You can place this tray on the center table of your living room, or on both the side tables of your bedroom.

3) If you have fountains or water beadings in your home or garden, then put as many pebbles as you can on the surface of the fountain. This will enhance the overall look of the fountain and fascinate everyone visiting your home. This is one of the most common practices nowadays among people who install any kind of water fountains in their home. Throw some of the pebbles in the planters as well.

4) You can create beautiful mosaic of pebbles right in the center of your garden or in your verandah. For mosaic arrangement you can even use different color garden pebbles. However, make sure that you take into consideration the size of each pebble while creating a mosaic. Mosaics can also be made in the pathways, but for that you will need lots and lots of pebbles to cover the entire area.

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