Useful tips on how to remodel your small bathroom

The fact you are not swimming in cash or that you are limited to a small bathroom space doesn’t mean you should limit your creativity and dreams of a gorgeous bathroom.

gorgeous bathroom

Amazing transformations with spaces most would consider a small bathroom have been done with the help of good planning.

To help you turn your bathroom into a spa-like space, we have singled out some strategies and subtle cues that can make you forget how small your bathroom really is.

  1. Dark Paint

Most interior designers would recommend going with a brighter or a softer color for a small space. But, sometimes a dark color may do the trick. If your bathroom is extra small not big a difference will be achieved with a bright color. If anything it may even make it look boring and smaller than it is. So, opt for a dark, dramatic color such as dark brown, maroon, dark green, even black for your bathroom walls and then accessorize with contrast colors. For instance, if going for a black wall color opt for a mirror with a golden frame and for towel handles in the same color. Add a granite counter and a few oil paintings. Another good option is dark wood cabinets.

  1. Pedestal Sink

If you have two bathrooms, you are probably using the small one as a guest bathroom. Still, the fact you personally aren’t using it often doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be designed well.

The best solution for every small bathroom is a pedestal sink as they were actually designed for small bathrooms. With a pedestal sink there is a possibility you’ll lose some cabinet space, but you gain valuable square footage, both in feel and looks.

Bath Tub

  1. The depth of space

When you are dealing with a small bathroom, you should find ways to make it at least appear bigger. Apart from using mirrors to give the space depth, arched ceilings are another brilliant option. This type of ceilings adds the idea of extra square footage.

To further visually widen your bathroom, incorporate a recessed shower shelf, which is a must-have for all small bathrooms. That is, if you have a shower cabin installed.

Other additions that aren’t that common to spot in people’s small bathrooms (but which will most definitely make the space look bigger) include a casement window and a shower curtain in an interesting color, granite counters, (pink) flowers… Accessorize like these will give the bathroom warmth and style. It’s small bathroom style at its finest.

  1. Modern

For any small bathroom, modern pieces are the best option. Unlike traditional shapes, modern design doesn’t usually take up much space and even when small in size may be further toned down for a better and more functional space.

We would recommend opting for sleek features and black and white hues. It wouldn’t harm to include a perfectly placed vanity to make the space look and feel larger than it really is.

  1. Vanity

If your bathroom has enough space for a vanity, that’s amazing! Vanity will give a sense of luxury to the space while at the same time play the perfect storage place.

To give your bathroom a sense of space, place a huge mirror above the vanity. Mirrors have that amazing quality where they work with the light to create a wider look for any bathroom. In a small bathroom, you should always go as big as possible! Well, at least when it comes to mirrors.


It would be good to opt for a half open vanity. They give visual depth o the space and you can additionally decorate the open spaces with flowers, towels, pieces of colorful accessorize that agree with the overall tone of the bathroom.

  1. Hygiene

Believe it or not, bathrooms and kitchens are the filthiest parts of our homes. For that reason, their hygiene must be maintained properly and regularly. Plus, a clean space always looks more open and wider than a cluttered, dirty one. Make sure your counters and faucets are always sparkly clean, there are no blocked drains, the toilet is clean of scale…

Even though most of us dream of a double sink, heated floors, whirlpool tub, a rainfall showerhead bathroom that are out of reach for most us, our advice have shown how even a tiny bathroom may look absolutely spectacular!

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