Your Home’s Vitamin D: Ways to Amp Up the Way You Live Using Solar Energy

Going green and investing in solar panels is a great way to minimize energy costs for your home, especially if you live in a tropical country since tropical countries typically receive year-round sun. The Philippines, for example, only has two seasons a year: the monsoon season when the strong winds and heavy rains come around, and the dry season when the almost unbearable heat is a normal, everyday effort. Solar panels in the Philippines are beginning to make their way into the roofs of family homes that contribute to encouraging environmental awareness, and inspire healthy living in the community.

Solar Panel on roof

Solar powered systems are not the only way that the sun benefits us in our everyday lives. Over the last half century, Science and Technology have successfully progressed so much in order to make our lives so much better. Little do we realize that the simple things that aid in making our lives easier don’t need a gadget at all. There are many ways that the sun continuously helps us in making our lives productive and healthy every single day.

The Sun as a Source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is sourced from very few types of food like liver and fish oils, but it is an extremely important vitamin necessary in keeping our bodies healthy. Vitamin D aids in absorbing calcium, essential in building strong, dense bones while young, and keeping them strong as we age. The Sun is a great source of Vitamin D, and a daily routine of catching some rays in the morning will keep you and your family feeling great and living healthy.

The Sun as a Light Source

Energy and electricity are taken for granted these days because they are readily available to everybody. The Sun should be given full credit as the best source of lighting for your home. A well-lit, properly ventilated space is cost-efficient and energy-saving, and will greatly reduce your electricity bill when employed effectively.

The Sun Helps With Your Chores

Drying your clothes under the sun is still the best way to do your laundry, but did you know that exposing material under the sun also kills bacteria? Pillows, furniture, clothes, shoes, bags are only some of the things you can expose under the sun to rid of bacteria that can cause your material to smell funny. Just be careful not to expose them too long, or else they will become brittle and become damaged or break.

The Sun as an Energy Source

Solar powered systems are a network of components that are employed to supply, transfer, and use energy generated by and harvested from the sun. Solar panels make use of the photovoltaic system wherein cells mounted on panels convert sunlight into usable electricity through a physical and then chemical reaction. While the upfront cost may be high, the long term benefits to having your home fitted with solar powered systems greatly compensate for the initial investment. Not only will solar powered systems reduce the cost of your household utilities, investing in solar panels will surely bring great importance to conserving the environment to your family and help in reducing your family’s carbon footprint through proper waste management.

The energy that we get from the sun is a constant, consistent source of power that we can use in our everyday lives. Much like the sun is our source of solar power, in the Philippines our families are our constant source of power. Our families are important to us, and we would go the distance for them. We can increase our family’s health, safety, and environmental awareness by investing in the Green Revolution.


Kimberly Marie Gayeta (Kimmy) is a Communications Degree holder, currently working as an online Marketing Representative for SOLENERGY: Solar Power Philippines.

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