Ways To Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Heating your home during the winter is important to keeping your family comfortable and relaxed. One issue that comes up during the winter is carbon monoxide poisoning which can unfortunate lead to death if not caught in time. Learning how to protect your family and ways to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning is critical to the safety and comfort of your entire family.

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Proper Ventilation

Whenever you’re burning wood or gas in your fireplace, always make sure the vent is open and unobstructed. If you use a wood burning stove or fireplace, insure the vents are open and the chimneys are clean each year. Call your chimney sweep to come out and make sure your home is safe to heat that way and reduce the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Service Your Heating System

Make sure that all of your oil, gas or coal burning systems are checked each year to insure there are no leaks and it is working properly. This could cause you to have the carbon monoxide leaking into your home without you even knowing if you do not have this checked. Call out your technician before the start of the season to insure you can get it checked before needing to run the heat.

Install an Alarm

Just as there are smoke detectors, there are detectors for carbon monoxide that you can easily install in your home. These can give you a fighting chance against this silent killer. Be sure to install them before the season starts to know that your family is protected should something go wrong. Make sure if you have these already that you change the batteries every year.

Electric Heater
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Avoid Portable Chemical Heaters

Try to avoid using those flameless portable heaters as they still give off carbon monoxide in the air. If you must use them insure the ventilation in the room is sufficient and that you are aware of the potential for building the gas up in your home. Even though they do not produce a flame they are still giving off that dangerous gas. It can quickly build up in your home, camper or building without you even being aware.

Proper Patching

If there is a leak in any of your pipes be sure to call your professional technician. Do not try to patch these items with tape or other substances as this can cause a build up of gas in the area.

Avoid Gas Oven For Heat

Your power may go out or there may be a time where you consider using your gas oven for a heat source. This is not a good idea. This can cause the gas to build up in your home and you won’t even know unless you have the carbon monoxide detectors. Be sure not to burn charcoal or other types of grills indoors either as this can cause the gas to build up.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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The biggest and easiest thing to do to protect your family is install the detectors. This can keep your home, children and animals protected. The people most susceptible to this issue is those with breathing issues or small children. Protect your entire home with these simple and inexpensive devices that could mean the difference between life and death.

Always have proper ventilation whenever heating your home with gas or other wood. Take the time to have a hvac technician check your entire unit to insure your safety throughout the winter season. You can breathe easier and rest easier knowing your family is safe and will be warm and happy no matter how cold it gets. Take these steps before winter so you do not have to wait for a technician or pay higher prices.

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