Weekend Lie In

I love a really long lie in. I revel in it. I wallow in it, and I make sure that I am not going to be disturbed until I am good and ready to emerge! Whether alone or with your better half, making the most of some quality time relaxing can do wonders for your stress levels, and your communication.

Violet bedroom

I have always liked my sleep, and for a long time now double beds just wouldn’t do anymore and I have upgraded to a super king size with enough space for properly spreading out. This also means that my husband and I no longer suffer the nightly duvet war and he has ceased complaining about how cold my feet are – charming!

We took a long time studying mattresses as well and finally settled on a memory foam one as it felt the most comfortable to us. I am really pleased with it and particularly like the fact that when I am indulging myself on my weekend lie in I do not upset the breakfast tray when I reach over for a magazine. And no ‘roll together’ either – need I say more…

The key to success when planning a fantastic lie in has got to be a combination of all the elements which matter to you most. Is it centred on the food and drink – maybe a pot of tea and some buttery toast, or in an extravagant mood perhaps a glass of bucks fizz and some strawberries? Or maybe it’s about the entertainment – a DVD in bed, a favourite book or magazine or the ultimate challenge of the Sunday papers which seem to grow every week.

Whatever you decide, make the time for a decent lie in every now and again, snuggle down for a good few hours of ‘me’ time – and don’t forget to turn off the phone!

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