What additional features are there that landscape gardeners can provide?

When someone is taking the time to make use of professional landscape gardeners and turn their outside space into something attractive and memorable, they want to come out with the best results that they can.

Landscape outside space

There is so much that can be offered by the professionals in terms of landscaping, and there are so many different features and items that can be added to a garden or other outside space that will both enhance it and make sure it is getting the best use out of it that it can.

Here are a few things that people could consider adding to their outside space with; features that can all be provided by a professional landscape gardening company.

Fencing and garden trellis

Wooden fencing or trellising can be produced to a client’s exact requirements by a team of professional craftsmen and carpenters who come as part of the landscape gardening package. Some of the options available to a client include timber fencing, stiles and garden fences, with existing patterns often available to choose or take inspiration from, and also capabilities to concept and design something completely from scratch.

Garden gates

An attractive, visually appealing set of gates can be a great way to give the entrance to an outside area style, and really give it that “wow factor”. Similarly to the fencing and garden trellising above, there are a number of existing patters and styles available that people can choose to use exactly or take inspiration from, as well as creating, if they wish, something completely bespoke and brand new. With a range of materials also available – wood, iron and many more, gates give people a chance to really stand out and create a breathtaking space.

Garden seating

Garden and outdoor seating is a service that is provided by landscape gardeners that is effective not only in peoples’ gardens, but also in outdoor, public spaces. Local authorities and other bodies may wish to add seating into their outdoor spaces. Seating gives people the opportunity to really enjoy and make the most of the outside spaces that the time has been taken to create. Landscaping companies in Suffolk, Essex, Kent and other areas have taken the opportunity to add bespoke street furniture or park benches to enhance their spaces.

Garden bridges

Garden bridges can be an exciting and different feature for someone to have in the garden, providing they have the necessary space and surroundings. Bridges are a feature that can be added to a whole range of spaces, including domestic projects, Local Authority projects and commercial projects.

Garden lighting

Adding garden lighting into an outdoor space means that the area can be taken care of whatever the time of day – morning, noon and night – and can add a real sense of style and elegance to a garden or other area. When it comes to lighting for gardens, there are, of course, a huge range of various options and solutions that people can look to use, from lamppost-esque designs, heater lights and hanging or wall lights. Each area  will suit a different style or two better, and there is sure to be something for every project that needs a lighting solution.

Making the most of any outside space is important, be it private or in public, so using some or all of the features above can make sure that the space is as enjoyable and practical as it can be. Using professional landscape gardeners mean that these features can be included in a certain style or theme and all fit together perfectly, lending to an outside space that is sophisticated, elegant and stylish.

Author bio – Mark Richardson is a degree-trained freelance journalist. Though sport is his passion, he can balance a number of plates and has plenty of experience writing about a number of subjects.

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