What Are The Prices Of Chalkboards For Sale?

These days, there are so many types of chalkboards for sale that it becomes difficult to put an estimate on how much one is going to set you back. There are magnetic boards, reversible boards (which means that they can be used front and back), easel-mounted boards, mini boards, framed boards and so on. The only thing that you have to understand regarding these chalkboards is that the material that is used in its creation will ultimately dictate the price. You might find this information useful in estimating the price.


Magnetic chalkboards are the more expensive option, as they have had a writable surface applied to a panel of either porcelain or metal (usually steel), depending on the manufacturer’s preference. Because there is an added cost in the acquisition of an appropriate magnetic panel, this pushes the overall purchase price of the chalkboard up. The cheaper option is to go with a non-magnetic board, which means that the writable surface has just been applied to plywood or similar surface.

The size of the chalkboard for sale will also have an impact on how much it will cost you to purchase. Small boards that are used in the home or by individual students are often relatively inexpensive, whilst ones that take up most of the wall will cost you a few hundred dollars including installation. You could find a lap-sized chalkboard for less than $10, for example, or have a much larger one placed on the wall for upwards of $400. You should consider your needs and budgetary restraints in your decision.

Where you purchase your chalkboard from can also play a major role in how much it will set you back. You will probably find that office supply stores and even furniture stores will place a hefty price tag on their products, as they are confident that customers will pay it. Variety and discount stores, on the other hand, will charge much less for their chalkboards but you will often be very restricted in terms of choice. Funding a custom made board will also cost you quite a bit of money.

If you are happy to shop online, however, you will probably be able to find a good deal or discount. Some countries, such as China, are known for selling chalkboards relatively cheap – you might even be able to get free or drastically reduced postage if you are lucky. Websites like eBay are great for this, as you are able to make an offer on a product and cross your fingers that no one else puts in a higher bid. Some companies are also known to offer special online deals if you place an order through their website.

As you can see, the price of a chalkboard for sale will ultimately depend on a number of different factors, making it nearly impossible to estimate how much you will be charged. Whilst you can determine that you will be charged more for a magnetic board than you will be for a standard one, that a small board will be cheaper than a humungous one and that importing one could save you some money, this does not give you any figures to work with. Your best bet is to look for some quotes and go from there.

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