What to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is never a simple process, but the end result is worth all the trouble. If you’re currently looking into custom building your next home, relish the special moments of the process, but be prepared before you take the leap. Here are a few key things to know before you start on your dream home project.

Nice Home Design - What to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home


Create a solid design. Know what you want, even if there’s a chance the layout will change over time. Don’t be adverse to a major change in the plan after meeting with contractors and builders, or if the location of your future property makes certain aspects unreasonable.

Creating a design mainly means coming up with a well-developed list of the things you’ll need in your new home, deciding how much space you’d ideally need for bedrooms, bathrooms, and common living spaces. Having an idea of your dream layout is a plus. It’s also a good practice to know the function of your home. Will this space be where you or your family are primarily living? Is this a second home? Plan for its future uses.


An easy mistake to make in your planning stages is not taking into account your lifestyle. Think about your day to day life. This might include everything from how much space you use in your master bathroom in the morning to whether or not you enjoy playing host to large dinner parties every once in a while. Your original thoughts on a home may chance once you realize it doesn’t work well with your current or future lifestyle. Remember to ask yourself, how much space will you need, and what will it be used for?

Consider the location as well. For example, if you frequently spend time outdoors, it would be appropriate to build in a location close to hiking or biking trails, or in close proximity to other outdoor activities. Be mindful of your habits and hobbies.

Building Nice Home - What to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Prepare Yourself

Building a home is a serious undertaking, from start to finish. Prepare yourself for exhausting days, quick design decisions, and costs you didn’t see coming.

  • Finances. It may take years, or even a few decades to save enough money to feel financially comfortable to begin building your own home. Even if you’re able to secure a construction loan that might pay for your larger costs, try and account for the smaller out of pocket costs. There are bound to be times that you’ll need the financial cushioning, whether its for frequent trips to the hardware store or renting a home while construction is ongoing. Build a contingency fund for costs you might not foresee.
  • Construction takes time. Are you prepared for the amount of time construction might take? Do you have a place to call home while your new home is being built? Will it be impossible to live in your current home while you’re remodeling? It’s great to have a plan of action if your build goes on past the estimated time due to weather or finances.

Do Your Homework

Have you heard any contractor horror stories? Don’t become one yourself. Do the necessary research to find the contractors that’ll be right for you and your future space. Whenever possible, get referrals from others and take the time to read full reviews before you put your money on the table. Researching beforehand will save you time, money, and heartache down the line.

Hiring builders and contractors can sometimes feel like conducting interviews for your future home. There are important questions to ask of each potential builder. Are they able to meet your timeline? Do they have any concerns about building from your design, or about building at a certain location? If you’re planning to use special materials, is the builder familiar or comfortable with them?

Whether you’re designing on your own, or with the help of a professional, it’s always best to make sure their aesthetics align with yours.

Dream Nice Home - What to Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Location is Key

If your design is ready to go, but you’re still looking for the perfect location to begin construction, here are a few things to keep in mind. Before you make the purchase, have the land inspected. Without an inspection, you’ll likely be met with unwanted surprises. An inspection will give you an idea of the various regulation and restrictions that a plot of land might have. If you’ve fallen in love with a plot, but your home’s design doesn’t work well with it, you might choose the location over your design.

The design of your home can always change, but your location can’t. Be sure that you’re in love with the location before you start. Make sure you’ll feel comfortable and at home in your community and around your neighbors for the long-term.

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