What Your Lawn Is Saying About You

Many homeowners take pride in maintaining their lawn and the entire exterior area of their property. However, there are some situations that can make it difficult to keep everything in good shape. For example, if you suffer from a serious injury tomorrow, it could become impossible for you to do your normal lawn related activities such as cutting the grass, pulling weeds, edging the lawn and trimming all of your hedges and trees. Unfortunately, allowing your yard to become unkempt can have many negative side effects aside from simply wounding your pride.

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Issues that can be Caused by an Unkempt Lawn

Although most people think that allowing their lawn to become messy will only impact its aesthetic appearance, there are actually several other reasons to take steps to ensure that your lawn is always in good shape.

1. It Could Attract Criminals – Criminals keep an eye on homes that do not appear to be in good repair because the housing crisis has left so many homes vacant. Therefore, even if you still live at the house on a daily basis, your lawn could give the wrong impression, especially if it has not been maintained in several weeks. In order to avoid capturing the attention of criminals, it is best to hire a lawn care company if you are not physically able to perform all of the necessary work.

2. It will Decrease Your Home’s Value – Curb appeal is a major aspect of the perceived value of every home. In other words, even if you have a highly desirable home, you will be offered less money for it if your lawn is not in good shape. In fact, most realtors encourage people who are considering selling their home to put the majority of their money and energy into improving the property’s curb appeal.

3. You could get Fined – Many cities have an ordinance in place that prohibits you from neglecting the lawn. Therefore, if you fail to keep your property in good shape, you could end up getting a fine from the city.

4. It will Impact Your Neighbors’ Perception of Your Family – No one likes to live on a street that has a homeowner who does not take care of their lawn. After all, this has a negative impact on the overall look of the entire neighborhood. Additionally, many people consider an unkempt lawn to be a major eyesore, and this can lead to arguments with your neighbors.

It is also important to note that families that neglect their lawn could also more easily fall under suspicion of neglecting other imperative things such as the well-being of their children.

Even if you are unable to perform all of the necessary tasks yourself, you can easily get your entire yard back into shape by contacting a professional lawn care company. Keep in mind that preserving a good appearance requires much more than simply cutting your lawn. Therefore, you should also ensure that your weeds are pulled, your hedges are trimmed and the entire lawn looks tidy.

With a recent increase in homes being robbed in her neighborhood, writer Melanie Fleury can’t help but notice that many of the houses affected have poorly kept yards. She writes this article in hopes that homeowners who read it will take note of it and properly care for their lawns. An Atlanta based lawn care company at http://www.arbor-nomics.com offers solutions to help any yard.

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