What’s your favourite curtain material?

Do you prefer heavy curtain material which doesn’t need weighting at the bottom, or do you prefer gossamer like material which feels light, airy to the touch and will move in the gentlest of breezes? Is the curtain set in your bedroom heavily lined to keep as much light out as possible, or do you prefer the light to stream through and greet you to a new day? Whatever type of curtain material or pattern you prefer you’re going to love this.

red flower curtains

Why curtains?

Curtains are much cosier than blinds; having lived abroad for many years where blinds are the norm coming back to live in England makes you realise the things we all must take for granted most of the time. Of course if you live in a house where the window sizes are all standard you’ll have no problem getting a set of made to fit to standard width and drop length, but woe betide if you choose to live in a small grade two listed cottage with every window a slightly different size. The latest fashion for large glazed areas and big windows are also a challenge to the curtain maker and home owner. However, a window without curtains can look like a cold black hole.

No problem if you can sew but if you can’t, your curtain supplier can usually provide an alteration service to prepare a readymade set of curtains into a neat custom set. Curtains add certain warmth to a home, something which blinds are unable to do, and they are more traditional. Another thing which curtain material offers more so than blinds is the scope for patterns, colours and textures to complement a style of décor.

What style of curtain is trending right now?

Right now there seems to be a proliferation of bold colours in store right now; burgundy, claret, teal, aubergine, plum and cerise are typical of the bold single colour curtain material available at the moment. Vertical striping is also popular as too is big, bold floral and leaf prints. These two styles are also popular in less bold colours such as peach, honey and mulberry.

However, looking in store there appears to be a multitude of colours, shades, patterning and striping effects and to all intents and purposes the widest variety I have seen in store for a long time (since I left the country in fact).

If you’re about to change your home décor style or just want to brighten things up ready for the holiday season you’re in for a real treat. Think of your property’s windows as the eyes on to the outside world, and treat them to a makeover they and you won’t forget.

Brighten up a room with a little bit of spring or summer with a splash of floral or leaf pattern all in the colours of the summer sunshine. Alternatively go for the deep rich colours that warm the heart. Your home will take on a new life and your family will love it too.

Mike is a freelance writer and blogger and has lived out of the UK for many years, in an apartment overlooking the sea. Thanks go to the very helpful staff at Mostyn’s in helping him choose the right curtains for his new home here in the (very) cold UK.

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