Why artificial grass is a preferred choice for pet lovers in San Diego

For the pet lovers the pets are as dear as their loved ones and they make sure that they get only the best. When you have pets in your home you would like to make sure that they have enough space to move around freely. This is a very basic need and this provision should be there not only inside of the house but outside as well. As a pet owner you need to ensure their daily workout routines with various forms of exercises which are beneficial for your pets. Pets need open space to enjoy themselves and the lawn is the best place for that. They can play over here in a safe atmosphere and you do not require paying your constant attention. Therefore, it is important that you upgrade their play area and make it a decent playground for them and when you consider doing this the artificial grass is a better choice over natural grass.


Artificial grass is preferred by the pet lovers for the following reasons:

  • Natural grass comes with lots of disadvantages. It has to go through wear and tear and it requires regular maintenance. With a real grass lawn you have to water it regularly and apply fertilizers or weed killers. It is all the more difficult when pet poop is a vital issue to consider. The pet owners in San Diego have found out a good solution to such problems. They are opting for artificial turf and finding it much better that the real grass.
  • Synthetic grass enables you to have a lawn that is well-kept and at the same time provides the required space to your pets. With fake grass you do not need to dig up your lawn for removing pet poop, you can remove it easily without damaging the lawn. Even the urine of your pets can pass through such grass easily and get absorbed to the ground without leaving any foul smell. You can sanitize the area easily by using any household cleaner.
  • Artificial grass is easy to clean and pliable. Even the vigorous activity of petscannot damage its luster or pliability. Pets love the feel of such lawn and enjoy activities on them. Artificial grass lawn offers them their own space where they can be contented. The pets treat artificial grass just like the natural ones.
  • As a pet owner in San Diego when you are looking for an option to keep both your pet and your lawn clean, there cannot be a better choice than synthetic turf. Fake grass is pet friendlyand strong enough to resist all kinds of wear and tear caused by rough play, pet urine or damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • With a natural lawn you cannot do without pesticides and herbicides to keep it free from bugs and weeds. Your pets can get sick from the chemicals used in them. Apart from this, the allergens present in natural grasses can make your pet sick. The fake grass lawn does not have all such problems as you do not need to use chemicals for preserving the synthetic grass lawn.

The benefits of artificial grass lawn are attracting growing number of pet lovers in San Diego to replace their grass lawn with synthetic pet grass Apart from saving you from the hassles and expense of maintenance, it ensures a nice green and clean playground for your pets.

Kris Grant is the Owner of Home Turf Synthetic Grass in San Diego. Home Turf was originally only installed synthetic Grass. Kris has expanded the services to help reduce water usage but increases the usable outdoor living space with outdoor kitchens, concrete pavers, palapas, custom pool slides and much more.

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