Why Opting for Timber Venetian Blinds is a Great Idea

When we decided to switch from regular curtains to timber Venetian blinds, a lot of our friends and family members gave us hundreds of reasons why we were making a mistake.

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However, rather than getting swayed by other people’s opinions, we decided to do some research. It was a revelation to find out there were several reasons why timber Venetian blinds were perfect for our house. We were really glad we didn’t break under the pressure of our family and friends.

Creating a Unique Ambience

Timber has a touch of elegance and sophistication. This was exactly what we were searching for. In the living room, the timber Venetian blinds added warmth, thanks to their natural tone and finish. We felt that they made our living room seem more welcoming, and this is exactly what people said when we entertained the first time after installing the blinds.

The unique ambience created by the blinds is hard to miss. They bring in a piece of nature into the house and this creates a wonderful ambience.

Easy Light Control

Previously, we had sheer curtains in the living room and bedroom. Alas, they did not help us keep out the harsh light of the sun and we had to spend so much money replacing our faded upholstery and carpet. The slats of the timber Venetian blinds allowed us to control the amount of sunlight filtering into the room as and when we wanted. This unique ability helps protect our furniture from sun damage, and also allows us to create the right mood in the room.

Perfect Privacy Control

When we wanted privacy, we had to close the windows and draw the curtains. This made the rooms oppressive. Now that we have installed timber Venetian blinds, we can keep the windows open and still prevent neighbours and passersby from peeping into the rooms. All we have to do is angle the slats correctly and this lets us keep our windows open, enjoy the fresh air, but still have our privacy. We no longer had to contend with prying eyes or nosy neighbours.

Faultless Insulators

We discovered that timber Venetian blinds are ideal insulators for summer and winter. This really impressed us, as it helped us save on heating and cooling costs. In winters, the blinds can be closed to prevent the warm air from escaping, while in summers the slats could be kept closed to prevent the scorching sunrays from making the room hotter. Furthermore, when our inconsiderate and noisy neighbours forget they were disturbing the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood, we could close the blinds and keep the noise out.

Fits All Types of Décor

We had a lot of trepidation about how the timber Venetian blinds would match our existing décor. We didn’t want to spend money redoing the whole house just because we opted for these blinds. To our amazement, the blinds did not clash with our existing décor and furnishing. Instead, they enhanced the beauty of our timber flooring and overall decors. We were so excited to find out that we could get blinds in a variety of colours to match our home’s colour scheme.

Tailored to Fit Homes

It wasn’t as though we picked up the timber Venetian blinds from the shelf of a store and then installed them. On the contrary, we chose Custom Blinds and Shutter World to measure our windows and then customise the blinds to suit their shape and size. Even the curved windows could get blinds and this was a relief.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

I think the best news we heard was the timber Venetian blinds were easy to clean and maintain. All we needed to do was dust then with a dry cloth. If that was too time-consuming then we took out the vacuum cleaner and let it suck up the dust and dirt from the slats and corners. When using the vacuum cleaner, we used the brush attachment to prevent the wood from getting scratched.

So, if you are looking for reasons why you should opt for timber Venetian blinds for your home, these should convince you. We are very happy with our timber Venetian blinds. Hopefully, you too would enjoy their benefits.

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