Why Steel Fencing Makes an Awesome Choice for Your Home

When we bought our home, it did not have fencing. While the lack of fencing did not deter us from buying the property, we realized the importance of having a fence once we moved in. The neighbor’s dog was digging up our vegetable patch and flowerbeds, while our pet and kids were constantly running to play on the street. It was a frightening experience for us. This is when we decided to install fencing. Once the fence was erected, we found it had several other benefits that we didn’t think about. Well, this is how we benefited from installing the fencing.

Steel Fencing
Image: steelpostrail.com.au

Reasons for Fencing

Our main aim of installing a fence around our property was to cordon off the yard, so that our kids and pet could stay within the security of the yard and not venture out onto the street on their own. The fence enhanced the overall look and feel of our home. Just like a frame completes a piece of art, the fencing completed our home. It framed the garden and made the landscape stand out. The fencing also added a sense of security, as unknown people could not enter our property without us knowing. It definitely made us feel more secure, especially when the kids were playing outside.

Our Fencing of Choice

While most people in our neighbourhood opted for wooden fencing, we decided to go with steel fencing. It was a unique choice, but one that we have not regretted making. We heard a lot of sighs and suggestions when we informed our family and friends we were going in for steel fencing. People gave us a lot of reasons why we shouldn’t include steel in our fencing, but we were able to counteract all of them. With steel fencing, our home looked even prettier and it stood out in the neighbourhood. In fact, ever since we installed the fencing, we have been getting so many people making offers for our home. It is truly amazing!

Why Steel Fencing?

When we approached Steel Post and Rail Pty Ltd to make customized steel fencing for our property, we didn’t know what to expect. However, we were thrilled with the end result. The company not only manufactured it as per our specifications, but also installed the fencing. We are a busy family with adults busy at work and kids busy at school and after school activities. So, we were looking for fencing that required minimal maintenance and fit into our tight budget. Steel fencing was perfect.

  • Resistant to Corrosion: Steel does not get easily rusted. It can withstand harsh weather and even the terrain will not have an impact on the steel. And, if steel is coated with zinc, it will resist rust for a long time.
  • Durable: Although steel is ductile, it is very strong. We wanted a fencing that could tolerate kids throwing ball or using it as a goalpost. Our property dimensions were quite large, but the ductile nature of steel allowed us to have tailor-made steel fencing without compromising its strength in any way whatsoever.
  • Security: We installed lighting on the posts and this illuminated our garden. There were no dark areas for would-be burglars to hide. So, it made us feel safe. We used concrete to create a platform for the steel posts and this made the fencing even more resistant to intrusion.
  • Elegant: Steel fencing has a certain charm and elegance. It does not have to be clinical in appearance if you don’t want it to. While it was not possible to do intricate design on the fencing, we still managed to get a fencing that added to the sophistication of our home and enhanced its appearance.
  • Cost-effective: Unlike timber, steel fencing is cost-effective to install and maintain. Since the fencing was coated, all we had to do was hose it down to maintain its sheen. Also, it was amazing to find out we could synchronise the colour of the fencing to the exteriors of our home.

Steel fencing can be used in residential or commercial premises. It creates a secure space that looks stylish and attractive. So, if you are still skeptical about installing steel fencing, take a cue from us and go right ahead. You will not regret it once you see the advantages of using steel for fencing.

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