Yay!! Red Dot Award for Duravit Open Space Shower Enclosures

It will come as no surprise to many that Duravit have received the Red Dot Award Product Design 2012 for their Open Space Shower Enclosure. Designed by EOOS, the Open Space Shower Enclosure is a fine example of Duravit’s commitment to innovative design solutions.

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The Red Dot Award began over fifty years ago and has grown into a prominent design competition that has attracted as many as 15,000 entrants from seventy nations in 2012. Duravit took the opportunity to showcase their aptitude for innovative design in amongst some of the world’s most notable designers and new talent. The Red Dot Award consists of nineteen categories with Duravit winning an award in the product design category. 

Now that the world market is so fiercely competitive no longer can companies sit back and hope their pricing policy will outdo their competitors. Rather, quality and design is imperative to the success of each manufacturer standing out in crowded markets.

open space

Duravit’s Open Space Shower Enclosure is a beautifully crafted fixture that exhibits an elegant aesthetic whilst offering a most innovative solution for bathrooms that are on the smaller side. Essentially, the Open Space enclosure is an enclosure with two doors that ‘fold away’ against the shower walls when not in use. The design affords the user complete freedom of use of their space – a shower enclosure in one instance and a decorative wall piece in the next instance.

The frame of Open Space is chrome finished, whilst the two doors are of transparent glass. The mirror glass door option conceals the shower fittings when closed back against the wall, creating a truly open space with its seamless design. A watertight fit is achieved with the doors resting flush onto the shower tray or for a tiled floor by way of Duravit’s rise and fall mechanism. Moreover, Open Space can be fitted in virtually any room including retro-fitting for homes or buildings whose walls are not entirely even thanks to the 18mm vertical margin.

open space

Duravit’s Open Space design brings the concept of ‘shower in any room’ to life, and will broaden the bounds in which architects will work. With meticulous attention to detail coupled with premium quality materials, this innovative design culminates into an aesthetically pleasing design and is the ultimate demonstration of form meeting function.

The Open Space Shower Enclosure is a design that is thoroughly deserving of its Red Dot Award and one that Duravit can be very proud of.

open space

Author Bio : Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger and writes for QS Shower Cubicles, where they offer Duravit Open Space Shower Enclosures. You can follow him on twitter @usef4u.

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