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Adding value to your rental property with the aim of boosting your rental yield is certainly in your best interests because it’s a significant investment and anything that you can do to increase your returns on that investment is naturally advantageous.

A sign for an apartment for rent How to Add Value to Your Rental Property   Boost Your Rental Yield
Image credit: cincyproject, license Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

If you haven’t yet purchased a property to let to tenants you’re highly advised to focus your property buying attentions on properties for sale with the potential to be improved. Properties that are near perfect, for instance a relatively new home to which few, if any, improvements could be made, lack the potential for adding value and you won’t be able to raise your potential rental yield any further as a result. Read the rest of this entry »

The single most significant interior design element in the home without a doubt is the choice of floor covering. The blanket proposal for the vast majority of properties looking for low maintenance is carpeting especially where rentals are concerned. While carpet is cheaper and faster to install, the popularity of hardwood flooring has brought the ratio of one over the other to nearly 50/50. With regard to both choices, here are some home maintenance tips to help in the decision making process when it comes to carpet vs. hardwood flooring.

Hardwood and carpet Debating the Merits of Hardwood Flooring vs Carpeting

Personal Preference is Based on a Wide Range of Criteria

Despite hardwood floors being the standard for hundreds of years, it has been the advent of synthetic materials allowing for the padding and fiber choices to satisfy countless design schemes. The entrance of carpet as a floor covering provided a warmer alternative to the cold, bare wooden floors. Read the rest of this entry »

Try as hard as you can to arrange your landscape, it often seems that you could do just a bit more to enhance it. One way of doing this is to add some amazing aquatic solutions. Let’s see some of the ideas.

Palm pool Splendid Aquatic Features for Your Outdoor Setting


Adding a water fountain to your backyard will not only give enhance its visual appeal, but also create a perfect spot for relaxation. There are different benefits of having it installed. To begin with, an outdoor fountain will provide a proper water movement, eliminating stagnant water, which is the reason behind to several problems. Namely, such water can foster the development of various potentially harmful microorganisms, in addition to attracting undesired insects and animals and producing unpleasant odor. You can install a fountain to stand on its own or as a cool addition to your fish pond. It will constantly cycle the water, solving the problem with stagnant water in doing so. Read the rest of this entry »