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Charting The History Of Tiles

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Much before the 20th century, tiles were only meant for public buildings of importance and the wealthy. However, times have changed now and those rich-looking tiles are affordable and come in almost all designs.

Floor tiles Charting The History Of Tiles

Tiles have a history that dates to Egypt in 4000 BC. In the beginning, the intricate art of tile-manufacturing was demonstrated by the Assyrians and Babylonians. However, gradually, tile-manufacturing was embraced by the Romans, Chinese, Persians, Indians, Turkish, and many others. Read the rest of this entry »

Kitchen is an important part of our home. In fact if you give it a thought you will see that kitchen is the energy producing unit of our home. Good food is a secret to a healthy and satisfied life. Anyone who is satisfied with the food he or she takes will be quite successful in life. He or she will always have a positive attitude towards life. This is very much required in today’s world where depression is widespread. Earlier the kitchen was the laboratory of a woman. Reality shows that women used to spend more than half of their life in a kitchen only. Times have changed. Women are no more confined within the four walls of the kitchen. Instead kitchen is now as much of a man as it is for a woman. Men nowadays love to spend times in the kitchen and cook up a storm as well. Thus one can pretty well see that a kitchen is an indispensable part of our household. Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is therefore a necessity.

Kitchen design Renovate your Kitchen to Glam up your Lifestyle

How would you rate your kitchen?

You may be a great cook. Everyone may be in awe with your culinary abilities. Oh! That lovely smell of the curry or the aroma of the hot soup may have taken in everyone in complete admiration. But do they like the place where you prepare all these fantasies. It is often awkward if a guest wants to visit your kitchen suddenly. And you just pray for some miracle to happen because your kitchen is in such a sorry state that we strongly wish the guest changes his or her mind soon. If it is tidy and clean then we would love to show that off to your guests. But if it is way too opposite then it is really high time you consider of renovating your kitchen. So how would you rate your kitchen? Is it tidy and clean or is it all jars heaped up and utensils lying cluttered everywhere? If you are apprehensive of the miserable condition of your kitchen then do read this article for a quick remedy. Read the rest of this entry »


Bathroom décor is an important part of household décor. When it comes to bathroom decoration or furnishing, one thing that you must keep in mind that bathroom tiles are the most important parts of the whole process. People spend a lot of effort as well as money to grab the perfect tiles for the bathroom. Not just enhancing the look of the whole bathroom, but also enhancing the utility of a bathroom should be the aim. Now, you must be thinking that how tiles can enhance utilities of a bathroom? Well, proper installation of tiles will keep your bathroom walls free of water damages. On the other hand, choosing improper tiles will led to severe damages to the bathroom walls, resulting into unnecessary expenses for the household owners.

Different Bathroom Buying Tips and Guide to Different Bathroom Tiles

Plan the Design of Your Bathroom First

Before moving with the Bathroom Tiles Sydney, it is important to get going with the design of bathroom first. A perfect design or blueprint will ensure the best outcomes for you. If you have a clear blueprint in your mind, it will become easier for you to decide what kind of bathroom tile is appropriate for your household. Bathroom tiles can be of different types and in this modern world, you will be furnished so many options. The point is moving around the options meticulously. If you have a small bathroom, you can go for the most precious tiles, in spite of having a low budget. End of the day, expensive tiles would not hurt you as you have small area to cover. But, if you have a large bathroom plan, you must look for some alternate tiles so that your budget remains realistic. Hence, choosing tiles, estimating budget and furnishing bathroom depend highly over the bathroom blueprint. Read the rest of this entry »