How can growing tent prove to be the best alternative of outdoor farming?

There are several colors of grow lights available in the market and each of them has their own perks and advantages. They affect the plants in various ways. Red light spectrum is used for enhancing the process of photosynthesis and blue spectrum is used for increasing the growth of bushes. This is a soft and cool light. Red spectrum also helps in triggering the hormone response which in turn enables rapid blooming of vegetation. Grow lamps with orange and reddish bulbs are also available and the produce moderate heat for boosting the plant cycle. LED grow lights that produce spectrum without the slightest heat radiations are also available.


With the increasing demands of grow light, more and more brands are launching their own lights in the market. This has leads to intense competition in the market which is also benefiting the consumers directly. The high end competition in the market stakes the security of all businesses and therefore each of them are now struggling to expand their customer base which in turn forcing them to reduce the prices and increase the benefits. Online purchase of grow lights can enable you to save some dollars. Moreover, online order can get your product delivered at your doorstep within the next few days which means you will not have to visit the market and search for hours and hours.

Some people think that price is the indicator of quality which means the more the price the better is the quality. But this is not suitable with grow lamps which are available at cheap prices stuffed with maximum benefits. High Intensity Discharge, Incandescent Lights, LED grow light and T-5 Florescent are some of the common types of grow lamps. Blue and red grow lights are known to be the best choice for the growth of vegetables. These lights are even suitable at the blooming stage.

While purchasing a grow lamp it is necessary to be aware about various factors:

  1. Beware about the brands because local brands are not always the best choice
  2. Compare the prices
  3. Features and benefits

Apart from the above points it is also necessary to find out the necessary spectrum that is suitable for a particular kind of plant. Higher and effective yield is possible only if you fix the required grow lights.

In comparison to HIP lamps these are beneficial in several ways. Grow lights help in saving a lot of energy which can in turn reduce the cost of electricity. It helps in reducing the noise level because growth bulbs do not emits any noise and therefore keeps the environment calm and quite. Growth lights can be used 50 times long and they can be available easily in the market.

Growth lights do not burn rapidly and they tend to slowly diminish over the period of time. It radiates moderate heat that is just a few degrees above the normal temperature. Thus, it does not scorch the young blossoms of the plants. The spectrum enhances the process of photosynthesis in plants and therefore exposes the plants in ordinary rays of sun. With such high intense of grow lights, indoor cultivation grows quickly in a short period of time. Growing tent is also available widely in market and are designed specifically for the growth of plants.

Hydroponics is again the best form of indoor plantation and it involves the use of grow lights. Hydroponics can also be used in growing tent and closets for effective growth of plants.

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