Old Home Renovations: How to Update Your Master Bedroom

The overall design and look of your home can affect your mood in several ways. This is part of the reason why making changes to your old home is not only smart but can actually help improve your quality of life. Now, it may be a good idea to focus on the area of your house where you are going to be spending most of your time, which is the master bedroom. The following are a few renovation ideas that could help turn this room into a dream come true.

Master Bedroom - Old Home Renovations: How to Update Your Master Bedroom

Walk-In Closet

An important renovation that many homeowners love is a larger closet. Walk-in closets are perhaps one of the most popular types of closets to have in a master bedroom. This not only makes your life easier, but it also helps improve the value of your home. Experts would say that renovation is also about pleasing possible buyers. You may not be thinking of selling anytime soon, but you never know, so it is best to prepare.

Majestic Windows

The master bedroom should provide a lot of natural light, especially if you have a nice backdrop. What you want to consider is replacing the small windows you have in your bedroom with larger ones. The ideal window would be wall windows, which extend from the ceiling down to the floor of your bedroom. Of course, you can choose other styles, but try to go larger than what you have now. You are going to sacrifice some of your wall, but the outcome is worth the sacrifice. It may be a good idea to visit showrooms that have these types of windows to see if it’s something you will enjoy.

Walk-In Shower

Another addition worth considering is the walk-in shower. There are a number of reasons this particular idea might work for your bedroom. For one, it gives you the opportunity to install luxurious glass doors around your shower. This also helps make your bathroom a little bigger since tubs tend to take up a lot of space and feel bulky. Furthermore, installing a walk-in shower also helps improve the functionality of your master bedroom, especially for those planning on aging in this household. A barrier-free shower is a lot safer for an aging person, which also makes your home more appealing to possible buyers.

Smart Lighting

The next thing you may want to consider is changing the way lights function in your master bedroom. The easiest update is to install light sconces, which are quite luxurious and give your room soft lighting. Those who are willing to step it up a notch may want to consider installing crown molding with indirect LED lighting. The crown molding will add a touch of majesty to a room, especially with all the designs available, and the indirect lighting should revolutionize what lighting can do to a room.

Sink by Sink

Another addition that most people love in a master bedroom is dual sinks in their bathrooms. Face it, you do not always want to wait for your significant other to finish with his or her daily morning routine in front of the sink. This makes the addition of a second sink ideal because you can both do what you need to do to get ready for the day. Now, a dual sink does require a lot of space, so make sure you talk to your contractor to ensure you can accommodate this addition comfortably or if you’re going to need to add some room, which is going to cost a little more.

These are just some ideas you can consider when updating your master bedroom. You can also look into programs like the Rules of Renovation for other ideas as well. Be sure to get an opinion from your significant other since the bedroom belongs to both of you. Keep in mind that the look of your master bedroom does need to match the rest of your home, so design the look with this in mind.

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